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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 13th February 2019

Looking ahead to tomorrow (Thursday 14th), Mars planet of action and motivation will change its zodiac sign into Taurus where it will stay until the 30th March.

Mars can find its residency in Taurus quite challenging because the Taurus nature is slow and steady, reliable and placid.

This is quite the opposite to the qualities of Mars which are hot, fiery and active.

The general result is often the feeling of being held back in a particular area of life.

With this understanding, you can still continue to progress, whilst applying more efficient determination toward your goals?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You begin to notice how strong actions are directed towards earning money, consolidating possessions or fighting for values.

Taurus: You begin to notice how when needed you will assert yourself steadily, conservatively and stubbornly. You are a force to behold.

Gemini: You begin to notice how personal achievements and desires begin to be a part of your inner world, secrets marred by slowness?

Cancer: You begin to notice your initiative and drive is affected by friends and groups, maybe you feel slow or lazy to network.

Leo: You begin to notice how your professional goals are focused towards consolidation and productivity. Steady development, don’t rush it.

Virgo: You begin to notice that your desires for travelling and your world views are essentially satisfied with things as they are.

Libra: You begin to notice sexual drives and interactions with a partner become based around deep appreciation of the physical senses.

Scorpio: You notice how in partnerships you have to assert yourself steadily, retentively; they might be driving you crazy, buy you’re driven to stick with it.

Sagittarius: You begin to notice co-workers or employees being purposefully slow or lazy at times, getting the job done but without much drive or zest.

Capricorn: You begin to notice a creative appreciation of the natural rhythms of life. It’ll be a good time to slowly reach for goals and win at your game.

Aquarius: You begin to notice how the simple pleasures of home and family can be met when you apply some drive and initiative.

Pisces: You notice how your life, organized in the way it is, might be thwarted by complacency or satisfaction with the way things are. Expect slower and more localized action.

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