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Daily Horoscope Sunday 24th February 2019

Mercury planet of talking aligns helpfully and usefully with Pluto planet of power and ultimatums.

This indicates something spoken or written will carry more weight and force behind it.

If you have a specific ambition to express, this is a good time to express it.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your determination to ultimately win at your chosen career path sees you realizing that certain thoughts need to kept to yourself and secreted away in the back of your mind; they’re more powerful there.

Taurus: Communications with a group of friends can be kept a little dreamy because only you need to know the importance of reaching your objectives and determinedly learning what you’ve got to learn.

Gemini: Certain things are clicking into place as you think about your life direction and imagine what the changes could be if you let go of old ways and allowed a new power and ambition through.

Cancer: You’ve got a message to connect to a long distant associate that could make for an empowering partnership. Using your imagination like this is so good for you.

Leo: Thinking in financial terms gives you an inspired idea that could ultimately make a total transformation of your working life.

Virgo: Your partners mind set and ideas are often dreamy but a version of what you’ve been waiting to hear is finally spoken; now you can talk about your all empowering ambitions.

Libra: By thinking in terms of work and service, you can see a way around the intensely difficult changes you have to integrate with.

Scorpio: You come up with an innovative way to express the deep and sometimes overwhelming thoughts you’ve been getting; recognize there’s a subtle way of saying what’s got to be said.

Sagittarius: Thoughts and ideas about your home life and the domestic situation take on a more intuitive level when you see how to change your financial structure and earning plan.

Capricorn: Talking and sharing ideas with people close to you give you some useful insights into your powerful urges to realize your ambitions and empower yourself.

Aquarius: An intuitive idea on how to generate personal income helps you to get a better inner insight on deep unconscious changes that you’re going through.

Pisces: You get an opportunity to represent and talk about yourself to a powerful group; your individualist ideas appear to have more impact and influence. The result puts a skip in your step!

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