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Daily Horoscope Saturday 23rd February 2019

Venus planet of love and values makes its annual meeting (conjunction) with Pluto the planet of compulsion and power.

Both planets are in the disciplined and methodically pragmatic sign of Capricorn

This indicates you might feel deeply and even obsessively in a particular area of life.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Someone at work who you like but who also challenges you is pulling the strings of power and could be making you rather frustrated. Steady your reactions and know your emotions.

Taurus: You see something beautiful and artistically creative that inspires you and can make you feel extremely passionate about wanting something similar in your own life.

Gemini: You’ve probably been feeling sexy and are ready for some kind of intense encounter; use it as a vehicle for personal change, you might travel deep into your feelings.

Cancer: It’s a good time to be frank and intense with your partner to source out the empowering changes you both feel compelled to go through. Expressing your affections could come out intensely.

Leo: Your feelings about work and the tasks you must do are getting stronger and stronger; this could manifest and be expressed through a relationship with a co-worker.

Virgo: Your self-discipline is low and your desires to express love and romance are running strong so why not let yourself be free and see what happens? It could be intense but you’ll love it.

Libra: You want a peaceful time at home and it could become an obsession to get what you want. Looking around you see things you’d like to change; talk to the family about it.

Scorpio: Your social life is picking up with friends and people close to you being friendlier with certain people acting intensely; is that in reaction to your deep expression of love?

Sagittarius: How extravagant are you being with money? Its coming to you yet there’s a compulsion to spend it and use it rather than hold on to it. Remember to keep practical and careful in negotiations.

Capricorn: You’re making a favorable impression yet in doing that your efforts to make compromise and peace could have an obsessive edge; you could be pleasing as well as intense.

Aquarius: You have to look after someone else who’s bringing up all sorts of deeper compulsions and intense emotions that you have to work through. Self-transformation through selflessness.

Pisces: Accept invitations to have good times with friends; it’ll be enjoyable but also transforming, in that you are determined, even obsessive to see friends change as well as yourself.

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