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Daily Horoscope Monday 11th February 2019

Building up over the next 2 days is Mercury the planet of speech and thinking making a mildly tense alignment with Pluto the planet of ultimatums and compulsions.

This indicates you might force yourself to say something that could be inappropriate to the circumstances.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re letting thoughts scan over all possible ‘inner world’ concepts to see what’s there that could be useful; avoid talking off the record to a powerful contact or friend who could upset your ideas.

Taurus: Be careful what you say or communicate to a friend or social contact today; it might show a ruthless side to your professionalism that you’ll spend a while patching up again.

Gemini: You getting more determined to take absolute control of how you see the learning path (which empowers you). However be careful what you say about your position and career, don’t upset.

Cancer: You talk freely and openly about how you see the world and expressing a viewpoint but it could activate a powerhouse of secrets that has a financial link. How about think twice before speaking?

Leo: You’re keen to talk about money and shared resources but in so doing you’ll push a partner’s ‘don’t go there’ button and potentially create a volcanic eruption. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Virgo: Your conversation revolves around relationship and you’re pushed to talking about health, diet and fitness. It’s about time you transformed you and your partner’s methods of exercise, isn’t it?

Libra: You’re talking about how you like to organize your regimen and what it’s doing to help transform your creative essence. Don’t let the ideas you’ve got exclude love and romance possibilities.

Scorpio: Your creative thinking is a joy to listen to and its fun to speak your mind; but hold on a minute some things you might say get too close to stirring up trouble within the family ranks, take it easy.

Sagittarius: Communicating with family helps you state your position on how you’re thinking but wait a minute, are you going to say something too intense and penetrating for most peoples ears? Be cool.

Capricorn: You’re talking what’s on your mind to liberate yourself from the current situation but don’t dig too deep into others values and compare them to yours. Listen rather than speak out if possible.

Aquarius: Your thinking revolves around money, where it’s coming from and where it’s going to; try to keep an open attitude and don’t necessarily be too intense or overpowering in conversation with others.

Pisces: You are thinking independently and out of the box & happy to think about your independence and solo approach to the world, so don’t let any deep unconscious patterns upset you from the past.

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