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Daily Horoscope Friday 8th February

Mercury the planet of ideas makes a mildly harmonious alignment to Uranus the planet of surprises.

This indicates exciting new concepts can be discussed successfully.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Talking with friends or the group gives you some excellent ideas that you can use to promote your own interests and be independent.

Taurus: Talking about your career and life direction is changeable as you receive some exciting new ideas as if from nowhere that can make for some interesting new concepts and developments.

Gemini: You hear a message from afar or learn something interesting that helps you to change your attitude toward your friends and the future plans you had.

Cancer: Your thoughts are tempted to change over a psychological insight but since you’ve now changed your life direction positively (and that took a lot of doing) you understand at a much deeper level.

Leo: You start to talk to a partner in a different and maybe eccentric way as you can see things in a different light that make you rapidly change your opinions.

Virgo: You’re thinking and talking about work, tasks and routines in a new way as your personal transformation takes over and gives you exciting insights into health, diet and exercise.

Libra: You’re thinking in terms of fun and expressive creativity: it’s almost as if a song comes from your lips, but it’s a song of freedom and liberation from others, something to give you a break.

Scorpio: You’re talking about some of your most personal feelings to the family but instead of the usual approach, you find a new and more interesting way to chat about the subject.

Sagittarius: Talking to friends or people local to you give you some fascinating insights and an exciting and surprising new way to express yourself that you weren’t expecting but can now enjoy.

Capricorn: Talk and chat about material goods and possessions, as well as money and earnings sees you come from a different perspective that has a surprisingly rebellious quality to it.

Aquarius: Try speaking about yourself differently and with a new approach especially as you’ve been changing the way you think and organize; a clever and unique make over is just what you require.

Pisces: Look around and take note of some of the cleverer ideas you’ve seen in the world recently; with the right investment you could also make use of some of those concepts for your own notions.

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