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Daily Horoscope Friday 22nd February 2019

The planet of thinking Mercury is building a tense square aspect to the planet of opportunity Jupiter.

This indicates that an idea could be bigger than you expected and changes might need to be implemented.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Bigger opportunities further afield are in the offing but you have to be careful about the information you give as some of it should stay secret.

Taurus: You like to talk with friends about your plans and objectives especially when one of them is on hand to offer a greater change, financially speaking, than you thought would ever happen.

Gemini: You’re learning and growing so much through your partner, so you involve them with a professionally based discussion leading to a decision. Avoid laying down a huge concept: they’ll tell you ‘one step at a time’?

Cancer: How to serve a greater cause is a big question for you at the moment; you’ve discovered a better way of doing your job and routines, and at the same time an enthusiastic conversation holds lots of potential.

Leo: A decision about a pending change is further enlarged by your understanding of what’s possible; you get a lot out of helping others and expressing yourself and yet there’s this decision which requires adjustments.

Virgo: You’ve got several ideas about your relationship, all of which have their usefulness when it comes to the growth you’re getting through the family. But one idea too many can make the information overwhelming?

Libra: You’re learning a lot about your mind and the way you organize yourself, so when several ideas for jobs or tasks come through at once, you have to navigate yourself carefully to get what you can done.

Scorpio: You’ve got inspired creative expression and are thinking about the fun you can have, but it all costs money and so you have to work out how much you value what you do and try not to overspend or exaggerate.

Sagittarius: Discussions with family can go on and on as you present yourself to them with a new look and a new role; can you explain why your personality is developing so successfully. Is it Wisdom or maybe experience?

Capricorn: You’ve got some clever notions and ideas which you can’t help but talk about with people close to you; the thing is the temptation is to say too much and ruin it. Learn to keep most of it to yourself.

Aquarius: Talking about money and evaluating your ownership and possessions is challenged by a friend or groups who seem to ‘know it all’ and happily analyze your running costs; but do they need to know everything?

Pisces: You’re going to say it like it is, no holds barred, because you want to grow and develop your career and professional changes mean you have to take opportunities to speak the truth and show how you help.

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