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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 16 January

Over the next couple of days Mercury planet of communications makes it annual conjunction with Pluto the planet of ultimatums.

This indicates it’s time to change your mind, rejuvenate your thinking and empower your thoughts and ambitions.

An old way of thinking is over bringing a new form of communication.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your powerful and penetrating thoughts about work and authority figures appear to be projected out in the world for everyone to hear, a bit of self-restraint might be advisable.

Taurus: Deep thinking comes into effect after you receive a message from abroad; although you seem to be traveling with thought to an almost unfathomable place, it’s good for you to do this occasionally.

Gemini: You enjoy plenty of chat and gossip but can you keep secretive talk about potentially powerful changes? You’ve got to make certain adjustments in order to end a cycle and begin anew.

Cancer: A significant other’s manner of talking to you has got to a peak point and needs to change; every word they say seems to be trawling through your feelings and churning things up uncomfortably.

Leo: A lifestyle, disciplined diet and health change starts with making a list, and then a powerful mind shift. Endeavor to adjust your working hours with the rest of the world to be more effective.

Virgo: You’re forced to make a decision about love and where it’s going creatively; those thoughts run deep and have a convincer attached to them; you know transformation is good for you.

Libra: A definite decision about home and family life can be difficult but talk is directed in such a way that you’re ready to change your deepest and most hidden personal thoughts and feelings.

Scorpio: Organized talk to locals or people close by is infused with potent and possibly destructive words; whatever happens it’s good to get it out. You realize it’s time to change your mode of transport.

Sagittarius: A possibly overwhelming and powerful decision about what you truly value and understand to be your own is occurring. There’s a lot to let go, but it allows a new beginning to rebuild too.

Capricorn: The first impressions you give out could be seen as ruthless and domineering; it’s all hanging on what you say about yourself; let go, change and present yourself with a bit more flexibility?

Aquarius: An accessible path of thoughts leads you into the deepest part of your inner world, what will you find there? Whatever it is, know it, learn from it and ultimately be sure to keep it to you.

Pisces: A friend holds a potent secret, and as you talk you find out about long term plans that also give advantages in your own development. Intense advice needs to be listened to carefully.

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