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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 8 January

Venus planet of love and attraction has just recently made a refreshing change of zodiac sign into spirited Sagittarius where it will stay until February 3rd.

This brings friendly and sociable times, when feelings can be expressed honestly and more carefree than usual.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Making friendly connections with friends and loved ones who are further away or abroad will make you feel a lot better about yourself and help you set up some interesting possibilities.

Taurus: You’re entering a phase where sex could become more exciting with your partner; it’s almost as if there’s a deep meaning and purpose behind lovemaking, how far can it take you?

Gemini: You’re entering a phase where relationships will become better and smoother, rifts can be healed and you can find a proper balance between your own ego and everyone else’s.

Cancer: You’re entering a phase where it’s best not to overindulge! Keep a focus on work and you’ll notice how you’ll get on better with co-workers. Sort through any relationship problems by being practical.

Leo: You’re entering a phase where you’ll naturally be more loving and attracted to others, as they will be towards you. Go out and enjoy yourself but don’t overdo it!

Virgo: Improving relationships at home and with and amongst family members is the phase you’re going into. Try not to be too critical or over analytical of a situation, even though you’re trying to help.

Libra: Encouraging and pleasing words for people close to you and in your neighborhood help make your everyday surroundings and activities more agreeable. Socialize, talk and be pleasant and light.

Scorpio: Financial opportunities and gain might be o the horizon, but as much as you might attract to yourself you should also pay attention not to overspend or overindulge and be too extravagant.

Sagittarius: This is a good time as you can project a good impression and favorable circumstances. If you need to make peace and harmony among others, now is the time to be noticed for those skills.

Capricorn: You might find that you’re entering a phase of sorting out unresolved tensions in an important relationship. Helping others before helping yourself will have long term benefits.

Aquarius: You’re entering a phase where you will enjoy other peoples company much more than usual. New and interesting people will be attracted to you and good times will result.

Pisces: You’re entering a phase where you will attract favorable circumstances in business and professional spheres. You’ll find that you can deal agreeably with others in different situations.

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