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Daily Horoscope Saturday 12 January

Jupiter planet of great meaning and understanding makes a tense alignment to Neptune the planet of dreams and idealism.

This is the first of three alignments between these two planets this year.

It is a good time to recognize what your greater philosophy and vision is, and too see how you can actually make it real.

As these two planets are in mutable signs (Sagittarius and Pisces) there is much flowing change occurring so regular and established things might find they have lost their footing. In areas such as business and politics there could very large gaffes and obvious incompetence.

This is a good time to help people less fortunate than yourself, and with the current world state of affairs, this is where some good semblance will be found.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You are learning and growing into a bigger faith and belief, and you feel connected to the larger undercurrents of the collective consciousness. This is a good time to put forward your understanding, and to be a leader to those who are clearly acting lost.

Taurus: You are learning and understanding much about money matters, investments, loans and mortgages. Be careful that your long term plans and objectives don’t get you too confused. Know that change is inevitable, and be ready for it.

Gemini: A partner has got some big and opportunistic concepts that can affect the direction you see your career and public profile going in. There are some changes coming up, and you must keep the faith without getting lost in the potential overwhelm.

Cancer: So much growth through the routine job and work, especially with the co-workers or employees who are along for the ride. Fortunately you see the same way as they do, and its the mystic truths that make it all work, even as the changes happen.

Leo: With a marvelous creative surge rising up like a wave of joy in you then you are finally getting carried towards those dreams you’ve held on to for so long. Keeping on top of your game is important, and creatively demonstrating what you mean and how you can make it transform everything positively is important.

Virgo: The potential for the family to understand you and grow with your philosophy is actually happening, although a partner is being particularly vague and dreamy in their interactions with you. You must help them, there is no alternative and they really do need looking after in ways only you know how (and have got used to).

Libra: What was a good ideas and topic of conversation with the local neighborhood and friends seems to be getting bigger and bigger, so that now you have to sacrifice valuable working time and hours to fulfill others wishes and demands. Still, you’ll keep developing, and you’re definitely learning a lot from this.

Scorpio: A big opportunity to earn money and gain in your sense of self-value is so welcome, and it helps you to see that by softening your harder edges, and being a bit more creative, you can turn something into an amazing experience of understanding and even spiritual unity.

Sagittarius: A new approach changes everything, especially others attitudes towards you. Even though home and family life has been a strange brew of half fulfilled dreams and fantasies, a sudden re-appraisal sees you genuinely happier than you’ve been in a long time. Hopefully the self-sacrifice has been worth it.

Capricorn: Behind the scenes, you see the bigger picture and although it might be difficult to put into words or to talk about it without appearing to be discombobulated, you are appreciating that a spiritual deeper understanding helps you sort things out in a more manageable way.

Aquarius: Friends seem to have all the answers, and hopefully the are not telling you to spend your money and resources in this way or that way. It might be best to not take that advice, as the flow of resources might not result in a gain, but in a loss. Keep your own plans and long term goals.

Pisces: In terms of a career and life direction, things seem to have expanded considerably; its just that you whole approach to life has changed, and a more gentle and sensitive way of doing things makes you think about how to do it all differently.

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