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Daily Horoscope Friday 1st February

Venus planet of love and attraction is in enthusiastic Sagittarius and makes a harmonious alignment with Uranus planet of the unusual in ambitious Aries.

This indicates how strange yet somehow wonderful people can appear in your life, making you feel different.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Someone you’re attracted to in the greater creative sphere gives you inspiration and helps you to express your independence and revolutionary emotions.

Taurus: The transitional phase you’re going through with a loved one gets a progressive boost; who knows what’s going to happen but it’ll make for some interesting emotional exchanges.

Gemini: An intimately close partner clicks into your feelings for the future and your long term plans, which is nice.

Cancer: The more work you do towards changing your reputation, the better things will flow for you. Its fun to get on better with co-workers, isn’t it?

Leo: Expressing yourself in a creative way gets an especially charmed emotional boost when you can let out some of your more radical viewpoints.

Virgo: All the changes you’ve been going through have been topsy-turvy; family members’ deeper support is good even though it pressures your natural independence.

Libra: Talking about love and seduction helps you get a better insight on how you want to have more freedom within a relationship.

Scorpio: You’ve wanted to make changes to the way things work for a long time, so it makes you feel good and valued when the money appears.

Sagittarius: You’ve been going through a surprising gamut of emotions and feelings, it’s now easier to recognize how your approach is all important.

Capricorn: A love that’s gone missing or hasn’t quite connected needs to be explained better to family members who know things are unstable.

Aquarius: A social group of friends express their feelings and help you in turn let out some of your more radical thoughts.

Pisces: Getting a better position is helped by improving relationships all round; it’s a good time to let out any progressive notions about money and values.

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