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Daily Horoscope Friday 18 January

Looking ahead to the weekend and the Sun planet of self makes a mildly tense alignment to Neptune the planet of fantasy, art and music.

There’s a sense of overrating or underrating ones abilities.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re aware of your mystical leanings and hidden realms of awareness but actually making it manifest and using it in your professional direction brings a form of frictional strain.

Taurus: If put on the spot and questioned about your viewpoint and beliefs, do you know what your future plans and objectives are? It could be a vagueness that you need to try and get clear.

Gemini: You’re primed to make some transformations and change how you can do things, if the professional direction offered is what you actually want to do. You might change your plans again several times though.

Cancer: A partner wants to show they’re aligned to your beliefs but it could get confusing at the best of times, so if you don’t lay on what you expect of them, then you’ll get a different result.

Leo: You’re aware that the work you’ve done needs some sort of evaluation from another and it might not be quite what you expected. Hopefully it’s the perfect situation, but you never know until it’s at that point.

Virgo: Show me the love and I’ll sacrifice my heart for a greater cause. Sounds like an amazing love story, doesn’t it? Is there something you’d be prepared to do with a partner at the moment that has that kind of feeling?

Libra: Who can you trust to do the things that need doing at the home? Some work is vital but there could be a inappropriate worker for the job, or it could be rather slack and ham-fisted.

Scorpio: You’re aware some sort of communication needs to made to a romantic or creative individual; if you can get across your heart feelings in a sensitive way, then a localized healing can take place.

Sagittarius: You’re aware that the money and resources are on the table, and when you reflect on the chaos and confusion that is your home life, you might start to value what you personally have a bit differently.

Capricorn: You have to stand firm as an individual and one that follows the rules; even though it might be a challenge to communicate what’s actually going on. A mist is the best way to let the message drift?

Aquarius: You’re focused on your inner world at the moment and it’s good to keep certain realizations a secret; don’t be fooled into spending money that you don’t have, keep things as static as possible for now.

Pisces: Being aware of a friend’s steady climb and ambition sees you show love, compassion and empathy that helps them along. Don’t give yourself completely over to them though; make sure there’s a boundary?

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