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Daily Horoscope Monday 7 January

Mercury the planet of emails, texts and chitchat is lining up to make a tense alignment to Mars (building all day Monday & exact at 10am Tuesday morning).

This indicates how easy it is to create an argument through too much conversation over trivial things.

Rather than get too frustrated by complications there’s something to be said for just going for it, and seeing what happens.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve got a new efficiency drive and ability to present you as ready for anything, especially when it comes to an interview or discussion with the boss; don’t push too hard.

Taurus: You’ve got thoughts that take you a long way from home, but you’re ready for anything, even some undercover and secretive missions.

Gemini: Your goals are to reach for your broader ambitions and fulfill those plans and objectives, yet a joint resources issue could cause some strife; try not to be too explosive as you adjust to make changes.

Cancer: You’ve got an urge to search for the wok that’ll carry authority and prestige; a partner’s quick thinking and manner of speaking about your relationship forces you into a testing position.

Leo: You’ve got the urge to go on holiday or to at least expand your current possibilities, but many quick questions from people you work with seem to get in the way and could be frustrating.

Virgo: You’re driven to look deeper in potential funding and contracts or shared resources, as the ideas you’re getting now will be best expressed when you’ve changed your attitude to what things are worth.

Libra: You’re being pushed into new ground by a partner with energy you quite admire, yet deep down your thoughts are mostly focused with your inner and personal world; don’t feel forced to reveal anything you don’t feel right about.

Scorpio: Slightly flippant talk could see you having to apply certain skills in order to get on with people you work with.

Sagittarius: Talk about money and how you want to spend it on fun and leisure could raise a few problems.

Capricorn: A bright and sparkly self-presentation and discussion about yourself might go against the active goals you’ve set out to win to make your home and family life more manageable.

Aquarius: Certain thoughts are best kept well hidden especially when it comes to the competition you might feel in your local neighborhood or even with a sibling.

Pisces: Your drive to improve your income and resources sees you communicating to a group or a friend and talking in very candid terms; don’t speak too hastily.

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