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Moodwatcher: daily news about YOU that’s worth knowing

Moodwatcher is an easy to use plug in to show you where the moon is moving, offering quick and easy insights to help your day.

Each day becomes a constantly unfolding process, in nature, in our personal lives and in the collective.

The Moon is a mirror of those changes because it is a reflective light.

The Moon is closest to the earthly terrestrial sphere, and it collects and gathers all the other lights of the planets to then distribute them over Earth.

In this way the Moon minsters to all the matters of Earth.

Therefore the Moon is the most basic prognosticator of the flow of events, it shows whats going to happen as time flows along.

The Moon is hugely important in this regard and so tracking its movement everyday will help you to know circumstances in your life.

How to use the Moodwatcher

Everyday the Moodwatcher will show you where the moon is moving, so you’ll get a sense of whats happening next.

The Moon is a nurturer, so let it look after you.

Once you’ve read the daily Moodwatcher post, go and get on with your life.

As the day progresses you’ll enjoy to reflect on any of the signs and symbols that come up.

It’ll heighten your self-awareness so you don’t get so caught up in the moment, and it’ll become an indispensable tool that will help you to know.

And knowing is the key to your future success.

Moodwatcher: the astrology bit

Moodwatcher will tell you the zodiac sign the Moon is in, and when sign changes occur: these are Global mood shifts.

Moodwatcher will list the five Ptolemaic aspects of the Moon as it applies to the other planets:

The Conjunction; The Sextile; The Square; The Trine and the Opposition.

Moodwatcher will also describe the four most important Lunar Phases of the Month:

New moon, First Quarter, Full Moon & Last Quarter.

All this useful information is now combined into WordPress plugin that you can download and use on your astrology website.

Moodwatcher’s creators are:

Julian Venables, Astrologer & content writer. website: https://www.londonastrologer.co.uk (personal chart readings available)

David Klugmann, Astrologer and code programmer extraordinaire. http://www.myastrologycharts.com/ (astrology charts available)

Moodwatcher takes bolder steps into the future with digital tools to enhance your self-awareness & help your life through these troubled times.

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