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Astrological overview of the week ahead

The beginning of this week sees the Moon enter Gemini, which will lift the overall mood of Monday and Tuesday to make the days more social and at the same time a bit restless.
This is the time of ideas, talking about ideas, and of listening to others input as well as your own.
Bear in mind the moon has now almost completely lost its light in last quarter phase.
So although it’s good to talk about any number of varied and variety subjects, you should probably stick to chit-chat and how’s that rather than defined and structured plans.
This is especially needed as Mercury, ruler of Gemini, is still retrograde.

On Wednesday morning the Moon enters its own sign of Cancer, shifting the outward mood into an inward and reflective mood.
As a result there maybe mood swings experienced, particularly as the moon has to face oppositions from Saturn on Wednesday morning, and Pluto on Thursday morning.
These are brief moments but they can definitely change the atmosphere, and make you want to retreat to home, or to find a safe place with familiar people around to make you feel nurtured or comfortable.
So with a heightened sensitivity overall, then it might be a good idea to be prepared for these two days.
Again, the moon is now in its balsamic phase, having no light.
So incubate, let go and surrender, because an exciting new moon is soon to happen. Any efforts to be outgoing won’t help you at this stage.

On Friday morning the Moon is in Leo, and with it comes a feeling of expectation and anticipation.
If you have hidden away for the last couple of days now you can throw open the doors and windows with confidence and boldness to let in the light to warm your heart with a cheery vibe.
This is the time to encourage each other, be dramatic and seek attention.
Although in terms of timing things right, you could just wait until the New Moon eclipse on Saturday morning (see below) before you really get involved in the action.

The week ends with loads of potential focussed on you and how you like to do fun and joy, as both luminaries light up Leo in a North Node eclipse, which portends a far more positive eclipse holding plenty of potential (than the south node ones, which are known to be difficult).

Mercury retrograde is still going on in Leo as well, and it has its conjunction with the Sun, releasing all the information it has been collecting since June 5th.
This is moment of the “As Above, So Below” so fondly quoted by astrologers.
Have a good think back about what you ‘decided’ or ‘planned’ to do at the beginning of June, and how far you have come with it.
The realization should be heartening and hopefully it will make you more creatively expressive and even extravagant.

In England, with this current scorching summer heat, it’s typical of us as a nation to start to complain about the weather.
I’m reminded that even though the heat might be oppressive we must be sure to “make hay while the sun shines.”
Summer is all too short at our latitudes and even though it might be closest to the hottest summer on record, by September 21st that heat wave will have surely diminished as we head toward the autumn of rain, wind and cooler temperatures.
And as Winter descends on us, we will be looking fondly back to what was, or looking forward to the next time we can put on our summer hats, such is the British Psyche!

(N.B: All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means the peak or the exactitude)

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Daily Horoscope Monday 6 August

Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio (builds all day & perfects 23:27)

Venus enters Libra (just before 23:30; stays in Libra until 8th September)

When the Sun is in Leo then it’s natural for the performer or entertainer to become apparent in ourselves, or seeing it in others.
This year the Sun finds itself parried up against bounteous and expansive Jupiter in the deepest emotional sign of Scorpio.
The signs of Leo and Scorpio make a tense square to each other, so there’s a considerably enhanced dynamic between the Sun and Jupiter.
It’s almost as if there will be a direct expression of passion to penetrate to the heart of the eternal mystery.
That’s a mystical way of saying it, so another way might be to look out for an investor who is interested in a creative project; or a researcher who is keen to enthusiastically reveal a spiritual truth.
As the square aspect is a blocking and difficult alignment then two parties might not see eye-to-eye and there could be some tension and working at cross-purposes.

In the news look out for:

Foreign or international (Jupiter) investors of money and in business (Scorpio) actively making efforts (the square) to get around or overcome (the square) a famous person or celebrity (Sun in Leo), or a statesman or politician (Sun) with a creative plan (Leo).

Donald Trump’s (Sun) secrets (Scorpio) get more (Jupiter) revealed (Jupiter in Scorpio). Exposure by the FBI can be excruciating (Scorpio) in order to heal (Scorpio), but then the truth will shine (Sun in Leo).

In the UK, look to further revelations of the Brexit Leave campaigns over-spending (Jupiter in Scorpio) that generous donors (Sun in Leo) bolstered various politicians to transform the whole meaning and philosophy of Brexit (Jupiter in Scorpio). Again it’s a struggle (the square) for the truth to shine (Sun in Leo). But here’s where the Leo eclipse comes into play: the destiny is that the truth will out.

The Lesson:

It’s easy and certainly comfortable when certain things can be hidden and concealed, but eventually the light of truth shines and engages with those ‘secrets’ to transform it. So honesty is always the best policy and then there’s nothing to hide.

Aries: You’ve got great ideas and creative notions but getting everything into order to exact a suitable and beneficial change to your circumstances requires you to be disciplined and curb excess.

Taurus: You’re aware of the family set up and how that’s affecting your partnering with a significant other; together you can get a lot done, but how far do you want to take things? Find a limit if you can.

Gemini: Plenty of good of ideas to get yourself busier and able to take on more work see you act less conservatively and push to succeed at things you hadn’t got round to before.

Cancer: You’ve been learning and getting creative with a new hobby that you love but check now to see if you’re pushing yourself beyond your resources. Impose a limit on Christmas spending.

Leo: You’ve been showing and glowing in your independent and individual self and the family now wants you to get more involved; there’s a lot to learn about the past and where you stand in the present.

Virgo: You’ve been making plenty of localized plans and short journeys to get everything done that’s on your mind; now you’ve got to a limit and you need to sit back in a quiet place and reflect.

Libra: You’re aware of how integrating future plans works well with material growth, but how far do you want to take that? Is everybody potential business, or can you keep friends and work separate?

Scorpio: You’ve climbed a small mountain of achievement and are being recognized as accomplished; however how much of an individual do you want to be? Is more integration called for?

Sagittarius: You’ve got a dynamic urge to explore your unconscious like never before; you’ll probably want to find a quiet place in which to really work out what’s going on, before making any changes.

Capricorn: You’re keen to make changes to the friend and social set up; bigger and better plans for the future are always welcome in your book so get involved, make waves and send out encouragement.

Aquarius: A significant other is pushing you for more and more results and this could be creating some stress, you want to take things at your own pace, knowing how fast you can grow and develop.

Pisces: You’re willing and prepared to stand up for and work for what you believe in; a new routine, diet or health plan is becoming obvious that you should get involved in and participate.

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 7 August

Uranus in Taurus stations Retrograde (16:50)

Venus in Libra trines Mars in Aquarius (builds all day & perfects 00:33am Wednesday)

Uranus the planet of surprise and awakened changes begins its (almost) five month retrograde today.
This is the time to reflect on the personal evolution you have been experiencing, especially since May when Uranus entered Taurus.
With Uranus moving into the solid earth sign of the Bull, the general tone has been easy going, placid even, as compared to the previous seven years of headstrong and urgent Uranus in Aries.
Have you been experiencing a change in your values? And how about your attitude towards nature and the earth? More to the point is how is the Earth reacting to us?!

Clearly it’s been a summer of weather extremes and more of this is likely to happen over the next couple of years until it can’t be ignored anymore, and that tipping point will cause a rapid change in environmental policy and action.
I think we can expect a revolution in the way money is used- a whole new financial system to coincide with the new politics starting from 2020.
Already there is less actual notes and coins being used in preference for contact less payments, and of course the rise of crypto currency, even though it’s faltered recently will carry on. There has in the last few months as well been a raft of high street bank closures, indicating how we are expected to manage money online from now on.

Everyone is going to experience this planet differently and uniquely but there will some very clear general themes that will be noticed as they develop.

Venus is the planet of co-operation and harmonizing and it is now in Libra, the sign that it rules.
I hope this will be a phase in which truth is released for all to feel good about, as a re-balancing of the scales of Libra is very much needed at the moment and it’s just fairness.
As soon as Venus enters her sign, then she works well with Mars in Aquarius- this is the future at stake, and there’s been too much risk and recklessness, overriding the good of all humanity, so this flowing trine aspect will help better relating as a result.
Science and technology will see a marrying together in certain projects, and people at all levels will get a brief respite to see how easy it can actually be to get on well together, for the sake of humanity’s progress if nothing else.

In the news look out for:

Paul Manafort singing like a bird in a cage (Venus in Libra); he’s probably at the stage where he’s got nothing left to lose, so he might well be feeling to let it all out? A trine from Venus to Mars shows how the interrelating between the different roles in the courtroom (Venus in Libra scales) can harmonise with each other (the trine) as the prosecution and defence(both roles played by Mars) in Aquarius (get clever intelligence). Internationally there will be 24 hours in which several areas will find balance restored after much imbalance. Hopefully we’ll have an easy-going and amicable day.

The Lesson:

Acceptance that we’re all human and we all make mistakes.

Aries: You’re moving into a phase where affections for a partner need to be expressed with more genuine feeling- this could seemingly go against your current approach but said partner will love you more if you do.

Taurus: You’re moving into a phase where love you feel for job and routine can be improved; look into how you relate to co-workers and employees; show your affections more- what you give out comes back to you.

Gemini: You’re moving into a phase where heart felt expression improves fun, games and creative endeavours; showing love helps potential romance and pave the way for happier days (especially with children).

Cancer: You’re moving into a phase where you’re attracted towards the love of home and family life; there’s ways of improving the situation and bringing more harmony and balance, peace and good feelings all around.

Leo: You’re moving into a phase where carefully considered words and organization attracts the right people into your life who can help you along in ways that will change your life around. Short journeys are pleasurable.

Virgo: You’re moving into a phase where considerations about money and resources mean you can spend more on yourself and the things you love. You find yourself attracted by a money/earnings situation.

Libra: You’re moving into a phase where presenting yourself as charmed and balanced will bring more harmony and help make the peace; now the secrets out in the open show you are loving and considerate.

Scorpio: You’re moving into a phase where your attraction towards someone is best kept a secret; relationships can be improved but behind the scenes. You can still help someone you like, just don’t make it too obvious.

Sagittarius: You’re moving into a phase where relating to your friends helps improve your general outlook for the future; you’re attracted to a group who improve your long term plans. Helpfulness and charm leads to good things.

Capricorn: You’re moving into a phase where improving relationships in the boardroom and with the CEO’s lead you towards a rewarded step up the ladder to success. Be kind, considerate, balanced and think of others.

Aquarius: You’re moving into a phase where feelings for some pleasurable travel or a holiday help improve relationships; learning about love through another culture gives you interesting experiences.

Pisces: You’re moving into a phase where the value of shared investments and resources makes you get more involved in making changes to the way you do things. Feelings for another will go through a shift.

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 8 August

Sun in Leo inconjunct Neptune in Pisces (perfects at 11:10)

Mercury in Leo semi-square Venus in Libra (perfects at 17:00)

Mars in Aquarius semi-square Neptune in Pisces (builds all day & perfects 22:45)

The Sun in Leo wants to stand out and be proud and showy and generous in its spirit but inconjunct aspect tends to deplete that energy and create a nagging problem. In this case its Neptune in Pisces, which is misting up what should be clear about the self. Possibly too much input of fantasy or imagination can cause a diversion or a lack of energetic motivation. Probably not a particularly good day to drink a lot of alcohol, or indulge in anything that would cause illusion.
Mercury the planet of the quick thinker gets to meet with Venus the attractor, so be sure to use sweet words to improve a relationship. The Semi-square can add some tensions, so it’s important to use Mercury in Leo to confidently work through any ruffles with a partner, so that a peaceful resolution is found as Venus is in Libra.
Meanwhile Mars is also contacting Neptune in Pisces today, also adding confusion and a lack of direction to the overall mix. With fiery masculine planets Sun and Mars contacting Neptune today then whereas a strong spirited expression should be found, there might be more of a fizzle and a dampening of the available energies instead.

The Lesson:

A show of strength is not necessarily needed, but assurance from a partner puts things to rights and allows for spiritual fortitude instead.

Aries: You’ve discovered when it comes to money and resources there’s continued success in following trends and taking an occasional well calculated risk; sometimes you have to embrace change.

Taurus: Sometimes you are willing to take a risk; recently you’ve been bursting to take initiative in a completely new direction, so how are those plans coming along?

Gemini: Recently your inner world has lit up in a new fashion and you’re more inspired towards spiritual and environmental concerns; you’d love to help lead the world to change right now.

Cancer: Recently your plans and objectives have taken an unconventional and unpredictable change, now what direction can you take that with your friends involved?

Leo: You’ve had exciting, innovative and original ideas in your career that are traditional yet forward thinking and allow you to progress as a leader; are you ready for that step?

Virgo: You’ve recently seen the growth potential in new thinking, concepts and ideas around your beliefs and learning; what’s the next step to make that a success for you?

Libra: You’ve recently been experiencing deeper emotions than usual leading you to powerful decisions and a strengthening of willpower; is it time to reinvent yourself?

Scorpio: Independence verses togetherness is a dilemma, and there’s someone on the horizon who’ll teach you to find a successful compromise; are you now ready to let them lead?

Sagittarius: You’ve recently wanted to make changes to your working place and style, and this could also reflect in your diet and lifestyle patterns; are you ready to begin that innovation?

Capricorn: You’re keen to follow your own star of creative enterprise, which reflects or involves children: bringing everyone together for happiness is the new priority, so what needs organizing?

Aquarius: You’ve recently discovered new ways to explore and redefine the family unit and living environment; are you ready to now implement stage one of that plan?

Pisces: You’ve recently discovered new ways to communicate with technological advances that see you replacing old ways: now have you read the instruction manual properly yet?

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 9 August

Sun in Leo conjunct Mercury in Leo (perfects at 02:06am)

Venus in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus (perfects at 11:57am)

Venus in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects 01:34am Friday)

With Mercury retrograding into the Sun in Leo today we have what is called the inferior conjunction (when Mercury is in between Earth and Sun).
This means a communications turning point is reached and Mercury is now able to deliver its messages into the court of the king (the Leo Sun).
Mercury started collecting back all this information back on June 5th in Gemini when it had a superior conjunction with the Sun (when Mercury is out on the far side of the Sun, furthest away from earth).
This is the newly re-discovered way to understand Mercury retrograde cycles and will make your understanding of Mercury far more profound.

The rest of the day is a Venus oriented day as she makes [challenging] alignments to both Uranus and Saturn, so pay attention to how you are relating as it will be important to seek harmony and balance and fairness in whatever situation you find yourself in.
With Venus to Uranus it’s possibly a self-depleting feeling but as Venus is in her rulership then a pleasant outcome should manifest.
With Venus to Saturn then it’ll most likely be a self-deprecating feeling: a reduction or restriction on how you’d like things to be, but as both planets are in their own ruling signs, then it won’t be half as bad as you think, and quite possibly a work project or money oriented consolidation could occur.

The Lesson:

Use ideas confidently with a view to improving on a situation. The old will soon make way for the new, especially if charm and pleasantries are used.

Aries: You feel the love and attraction to a significant other and it’s given you a lot to reflect on; now you feel the challenge to get more serious and committed: how do you want to the world to see you?

Taurus: You’ve been enjoying working and improving your relationships with co-workers or employees; now the challenge comes as you start to show the world the efforts you’ve put into your beliefs.

Gemini: You’ve been feeling loving and romantic and it’s doing you a lot of good; now are you going to let a lack of money or restricted values of another get in the way of harmony? Try to avoid an upset.

Cancer: Seeking harmony within the domestic environment causes some difficulties within your relationships. You try hard to keep things sweet but old patterns between you get in the way.

Leo: You love the people close to you yet the way you work your daily life seems to get in the way. Having fun would be nice if it weren’t for all the duties you’ve got piling up.

Virgo: There are certain things you value and love but a major challenge has arisen from a creative project that’s changed your life (to do with children?) Money pressures are limiting at the moment.

Libra: You are starting to emanate much love and sensitivity and it will attract people to you; don’t let any challenges with home, the past and family life dampens your spirit.

Scorpio: Secret loves that are behind the scenes are somewhat challenged by your grounded and realistic way of thinking and organizing yourself. You see that you have to stick with the rules.

Sagittarius: You’ve been enjoying socializing and feeling the love with friends and groups recently but now there still seems to be a self-worth and self-esteem issue that blocks the harmony. Keep peaceful.

Capricorn: You’ve noticed your popularity has changed recently, with improved relationships amongst fellow professionals; now a serious side to you comes through about defining results and progress.

Aquarius: You’re enjoying mixing with others who share your beliefs and views; now a responsible change that’s gradually becoming more important in your life holds you back from further interactions.

Pisces: You’ve noticed your feelings about relationships are changing; the challenge is to see those feelings fit together with your long term plans and objectives. There are differences to work out.

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Daily Horoscope Friday 10 August

Sun in Leo Sesquisquare Saturn in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects at 19:07pm)

Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio (builds all day & perfects at 06:31am Saturday)

The Sun is proud and radiant in its own sign as it shows and demonstrates its purpose. This rubs against old Saturn who knows that times must change but is naturally resistant. The sesquisquare is a tension based dynamic that is a bit unstable but will result in a change. The change will be productive and make a solid and purposeful result.
Meanwhile, loud and brash Mercury freshly relieved of its post bag lines up to make a dynamic push-pull with deeply secretive Jupiter in Scorpio. Trade, industry, commerce can all be struggling with their news today. There are still plenty of good ideas around some of which could be bigger and larger than previously expected.

In the news look out for:

A gently forced replacement (the Sesquisquare) of the old (Saturn in Capricorn) for the new (Sun in Leo).
Some stories (Mercury in Leo) produce conflict (the square) because secretive material and money matters (Scorpio) have to be seen to be believed (Jupiter).

The Lesson:

Old father time must make way for the next generation.

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Daily Horoscope Saturday 11 August

New Moon: Solar Eclipse in Leo (at 09:58am)

Sun in Leo Inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects 01:28am on Sunday)

At last we reach the new moon in Leo where the sun, planet of willpower meets the moon planet of emotions.
This always brings a new beginning every month but today is a solar eclipse (which rounds up the recent ‘season’ of eclipses over the last month).
Is this a creative destiny to be fulfilled? Yes!
This is the herald of something potentially big in your life, especially if you are a Leo sun sign.

The Sun inconjunct Pluto just adds to the self-insistence that there must now be a transformation in your life of something. Dig up the old, let it fade into the past and become the new you.

The Lesson:

The wheel of fortune turns constantly throughout life and different people have different times to shine, but everybody gets a positive and uplifting turn of the wheel eventually.

Aries: A creative reawakening and a new project brings destiny to you in a good way. If you have children they begin to play a fascinating and vital role in your life and way of being.

Taurus: A new personal beginning brings you an awakening of your deepest emotional needs. You’re entering a family-oriented destiny shift that will challenge and change you at the same time.

Gemini: Your local space and neighbourhood takes on a new beginning and meaning as you start to think and talk differently to people close to you who can in turn, change your destiny.

Cancer: How you make your money is opening up into a positive new beginning as you realize you can do things differently; your destiny is changing, keep an eye open for those who will help you.

Leo: You are beginning a new phase as an independent individual with plenty of exciting options and possibilities opening up to you as you’ve freed yourself from an old life. Time for a new you and a new way.

Virgo: A new beginning is opening up in your inner world for you to explore and make use of. This requires you to be more secretive and behind the scenes than before. Go into yourself.

Libra: A new social life beckons and opens up to you as you discover a new group that can change your destiny. Your life plans open up into wider possibilities as friends have suggestions you like.

Scorpio: Your career might be shifting and fluctuating as your life direction is given new beginnings and possibilities; destiny plays an interesting card and you find yourself in a new position of authority.

Sagittarius: This is a new launch point for you: maybe you want to teach, or you want to learn. Maybe you want to travel? Any or all of these will affect your destiny in very positive ways into the future.

Capricorn: Money and shared resources are coming your way: look for destiny changing options and make the necessary adjustments for you to have a psychological change as well as a material one.

Aquarius: A business or intimate partnership begins or starts off with a destiny changing possibility. Make sure you listen to other people just as important as yourself and interesting things will happen.

Pisces: A new diet, health or lifestyle brings a new beginning. You realize by organizing yourself better you’ll get a lot more done with work as well. Destiny calls with an interesting job?

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