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A few hours ago (02:02am GMT) planet Mercury made a union (conjunction) with the Sun.

These two planets dance a Ballet of 116 days that is on constant repeat into perpetual eternity through space and time.

Mercury meets the Sun 6 times a year, in 3 Superior conjunctions and 3 Inferior conjunctions.

What you need to know is theres a big difference between Superior and Inferior.

Superior conjunction is when the line up in space is= Earth> Sun> Mercury.

That means Mercury’s out on the far side connecting and collecting messages from deep space and the stars, which you then receive as new ideas and concepts in your life. (“I’m going to do this…”; “I’ve decided that….”; “From now on…”; “I’m going to start to..” etc.)

So, you’ve made new ideas or pathways, or decisions, today in a particular area of life, right?

Yes, I know you have because I have too. Those same ideas will now develop and evolve over THREE SPECIFIC DATES and they are:

11th July 2018

8th August 2018

26th August 2018

This phase of time covers the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Leo.

8th August is the next Inferior conjunction when the line-up will be= Earth> Mercury> Sun.

That means Mercury has bought all its messages into the light of awareness and consciousness (Sun) in between Earth and Sun and the resulting knowledge is either working or it isn’t (and that folks, is a Mercury Retrograde!!!) Pow! Zap! and Cor blimey guvnor.

I am telling you this because you now have a ringside seat to watch the dance unfold, in your own life.

So dear reader, the Mercury message of its next retrograde starts now…. put these dates into your diary and using today as the all-new START POINT for a new communications cycle then:

Be Inspired & dynamic with your message!

Go after what you want & ask for what you want (There is a good chance of succeeding IF you stick with what you start now).

Be seen to be out there & make sure you are easy to see.

If you want to receive the specific Mercury know-how in your life then get a personal chart reading with me this week. Accuracy and precision guaranteed.

Special offer of £25 Mercury/Sun readings if you quote “SUPERIOR” before Friday 8th June.

This message sent with love as you move through time,

With my best wishes


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