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Life coaching, with planets. Intuitive Guidance to know The Self.

Greetings, I’m Julian Venables, a qualified astrologer with over 25 years experience. I can read your astrology birth chart, answer questions and give you guidance and clarity.

Having the internationally recognised diploma of astrology, I can also offer private one to one tuition, in person or virtually from a beginner’s level to advanced.
Astrology is a valuable tool to give you fascinating insight, self-knowledge, meaning and purpose. It’s a way to move forward with foresight.
Discover why astrology is a spiritual science & how it can help enhance every area of your life.
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“The divine order” book

Julian presents his new astrological theory that brings enlightenment to astrology through a simple change of perception from the Heliocentric to the Geocentric.

Astrology Readings

Get ready to go beyond your daily horoscope and understand how real astrology gives you self-empowerment. Click to discover my personalised one-to-one Readings.


Harness the beneficial power of the planets & Fixed stars with a custom Talisman created at the most auspicious moment of time to capture the cosmic energies. These can be worn to maximise your personal power, and bring you health, wealth and happiness.