Your Weekly Almanac 6th to 11th October 2021


Wednesday 6 October

New Moon:  Moon and Sun together in Libra

At the new moon each month, a new beginning occurs when the two luminaries, sun, and moon, conjoin together to plant a seed. At first the seed is underground and can’t be seen but sure enough within seven days, you will become conscious of what was planted, and what’s growing will be recognised. This month it’s the turn of relationships or turning on the charm and gracious qualities we all have. You’ll possibly be looking to beautify or harmonise with another and maintain a sense of good balance as you get to know someone or something. As Libra is a cardinal sign of taking initiative and starting things up, then what relationship can help you do that? Is there a partner who you feel an affiliation with who you would like to ‘do’ things with? In business, or pleasure, or just pure socialising, someone is likely to be coming into your life now. Whatever project it is that you can co-operate and get involved in together, you will be inclined to move things forward. There is also a sense of fairness and justice to be diplomatically played out.

Thursday 7 October

Venus enters Sagittarius (lasts until 5th November)

Venus begins a canter into inspired and active Sagittarius, the sign of the Archer & the horse rider. As she shakes out her beautiful mane and calls to be admired for her dressage, there is a comfortable sense of new affections to be discovered and enjoyed. Attitudes towards love and romance become more broadminded and tolerant because there’s a need for freedom and exploration due to a restless nature. Whatever happens and whoever you encounter its very unlikely to be boring – especially if you find or meet someone who is enthusiastic and appreciates honesty.


Sun in conjunction to Mars

Approximately every 18 months these two fiery and energetic planets meet in a union which generates a vital creative energy that is inflamed by feelings of desire. Physicality blends with the essential self, producing an intense dynamism and a need for action. As the union of these two planets is in Libra, then this heated self-confident determination is focused on a partner-oriented, stylish, and cultivated elegance. There’s a well-assessed willingness to take risks in the sphere of relationships. There’s a considerable dose of ego as the courage and power exists to believe in oneself and what one is capable of – in this case two people together can build up a nice goal-oriented existence.



 Saturday 9th October

Sun in conjunction to Mercury

Mercury and the Sun join six times in a year, and if this mapped out across the zodiac wheel of time, then a perfect six-pointed star is traced out. This meeting is in an Air element sign which indicates a partner-oriented mental sensation, a clear perception and breezy expression. Patterns of thought are focussed on relationship and sociability: “If you think like me, conceptualise like me, and verbalise like me, then we’ve got an understanding and harmony that brings us closer together.” If that special someone enters your life at this time then be sure to enjoy uniting the creative energy – an instinctive intelligence will bring about some beautiful, lively, and vital flair in both partners.

Mercury in conjunction to Mars

As Mercury meets Mars, take note of how the conscious mind blends with physical energy, energising the intellect and the hand/eye coordination. This is a time in which acting decisively helps to focus communication. Mars sharpens up quick wits and helps to bring about analytical and crystal-clear argumentation. Keenness of thought and assertiveness in a skilled and tactical way. There’s talking, and then there’s talking and acting on it.


Monday 11th October

Saturn stations direct

Saturn, the planet of seriousness and responsibility, is turning direction to move forwards. This annual event is about focussing on a situation that you’d like to make better. But it involves commitment and hard work, which you might have been feeling a bit restricted or fearful about.

Once you get over any hurdles that you might have been experiencing these last few months, the momentum can carry you forwards and you can reset your boundaries and achieve solid accomplishment.  Saturn in Aquarius is about defining social or futuristic goals, organising groups of people and concepts, whilst maintaining a free and independent social expression. If you can, you want to be releasing yourself from any mental rigidity or social insecurity.


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