Your Weekly Almanac 28th to 2nd November 2021

Thursday 28 October

Venus in sextile to Jupiter

A charming and useful alignment that promotes gracious tolerance and optimistic serenity. If there are any previous disagreements, then now is a good time to clear things up & recreate harmony.

A general feeing of contentment and benevolence can be felt, to do with social interactions and the expression of ideas within a relationship. A sense of the ability to roam and explore within a light-hearted, fun, and recreational manner might be experienced. Getting together with friends brings about generous actions, as there are opportunities for warmth, comfort, approval, gifts, and favours. Be aware not to overindulge or let a business or financial situation be excessive or costly. Remember to be patient and courteous in all social exchanges.


Thursday 28 October

Last Quarter Moon phase: Moon in Leo in square to Sun in Scorpio

As the moon sails through the proud lion, there might be an urge to put yourself into the spotlight to attract attention, but in so doing, the Moon squares the sun in Scorpio, which tends to expose a part of oneself that can be a bit too intense or overpowering.

Have a think about how much enthusiasm you have a for a particular project, and whether getting deeply involved could be hindered by emotional fixations, a reluctance to be open or a fear of losing control.

Friday 29 October building up to Saturday 30 October

Sun in square to Saturn

This is one of the most difficult transits in a year, but it doesn’t last long, so be ready to endure it! Once you know about it, you can be prepared for it. For a start it’s likely to be a ‘grey day’ weather wise; the sky might seem low with heavy cloud to obscure the suns rays. The Sun is the conscious recognition of the self, and Saturn is the limiting and restricting force that brings something to the realistic ground level, which makes it real and carries weight.

A task can seem to be dull, repetitive, or boring and it can cramp your style. There might be heavy responsibilities that are disappointing to carry. There might be a tedious time-consuming effort made for someone who doesn’t honour their agreement.

The answer with a day like this is to buckle down and get on with it. By putting your nose to the millstone and carrying the weight of the load, you can get some solid achievements made.  One of the good things that can manifest today is the satisfaction of a job well done.

Handle your responsibilities with dignity and efficiency. Ultimately this planetary alignment is to show you where the weaknesses are in your conception of yourself; if you work on those chinks in your armour, then you will gain greater confidence in yourself.

Saturday 30 October

Mars enters into Scorpio (until 12 December) 

Mars the conqueror and warrior returns to his home kingdom and palace of Scorpio (for he rules Scorpio). As he settles in, you can expect to see a different kind of emotion displayed that has elements of power and an intense magnetic passion. Over the next few weeks, the big aspects that Mars will be making whilst in Scorpio will be squared to both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, as well as in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. As Mars is going to want to channel its emotional power to achieve its desires, there will probably be situations where ‘battening down the hatches’ is evident, as Scorpio is a fixed sign so it will not give ground. Look out for a person or a group of people who prove to have great endurance, self-protection, and total control.


Sunday 31 October building up to Monday 1 November

Mercury in trine to Jupiter

Mercury the planet of ideas and discussions is reasonably happy in relationship-oriented Libra, as it is an Air planet in an Air sign. As Mercury lines up to make a harmonious and useful link to Jupiter, who often bestows beneficial and providential circumstances, then there might be good talk of partnership business, trade, or exchange of something where there is potential for expansion and opportunity. Look out for situations developing that make you feel happy, buoyant, good natured, optimistic, and expansive. It’s a good day to travel or to organise some future travel. Getting involved in mental or intellectual pursuits will bring about a good turn of fortune. Organise and arrange any creative activity today. Simply said: think big, look big, expand your mental scope, widen your horizon, look to the future!

Monday 1 November building up to Tuesday 2 November

Mercury in Square to Pluto

Mercury now gets held up and frustrated, as you want to force your ideas through, but there are obstacles that seem to block the way to understanding. There is a passive resistance to an arrangement and it’s creating an impasse or an ultimatum. As Mercury is still in Libra, there is still an harmonious way through, some compromise can be found, by not pushing your opinion too much. Sticking to a compulsive decision could end up destructive. It’s important to keep an open mind and not become obsessed with one idea or method. Look out for those who are trying to be coercive. Instead focus in on yourself, scan deeply thinking patterns and work out the way you can make personal changes – by being introspective, you can get a greater control of your inner world.

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