What is Astrology & reasons for getting your reading.

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A few insights and reflections about astrology and how useful it can be

What is Astrology?

It is an amazing system that uses the movement of the planets in the sky and your time and date of birth to reveal one’s personality, bringing wisdom and insight. A birth chart is a unique map that will show you where and when challenges and opportunities can occur in your life.

What does an Astrologer do?

An Astrologer helps you to navigate your life’s path by introducing you to time cycles, like the ever-repeating four seasons of the year, and the lunar cycle in nature. The interpretation of your horoscope is a clever combination of science and art.

Julian Venables has been consulting with clients for over 20 years and will skillfully explain the dynamics of your character so that you are able to manage your life more effectively and make your decisions more successfully.
Astrology is the ultimate problem solver. It brings understanding to the motivational forces behind one’s actions, thoughts or behaviour.
You will experience a fascinating and above all enjoyable consultation that will help you in all areas of life, particularly in understanding relationships, love, career, health, family, work and personality. All areas of life are succinctly interpreted in a way that no other science or art can do.

What is the history of Astrology?

It is the oldest form of self-knowledge, stretching back over 5000 years of antiquity.

Many of the world’s most brilliant mathematicians, astronomers and scientists were also astrologers: Aristotle, Hippocrates, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Sir Issac Newton, Sir Christopher Wren and psychologist Carl Jung. All of these visionaries were ‘ahead of their time’.

Who uses Astrology?

Some of the most powerful and influential figures in history have used astrology, including presidents, CEO’s, business owners, managers, executives, artists, musicians, writers, financial planners, economists, lawyers, accountants, doctors and numerous other professions. Corporations, hedge funds, small businesses, government, non-profit organisations and sports teams also use astrology.

Why get an astrology reading?

Because it works and it’s accurate. It’s an opportunity to step out of the box and see your life from an enhanced perspective. It will help you understand yourself, answer any pressing questions and help you make successful decisions at the correct time. It is a uniquely personal experience that you must judge for yourself and its value cannot be underestimated.

This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading