Weekly Stars Forecast for 30th July – 5th August 2018

weekly horoscope stars forecast

Astrological overview of the week ahead

The beginning of this week sees Venus the planet of love, relationships and attraction being highlighted by both Mercury and the Sun in Leo; this indicates that there will be an enhancement between people, some sort of closer drawing together as personal realizations about the nature of the relationship become more obvious.

There will be a clear focus on creative essence and generosity of spirit, which is given a practical application so that it can be recognized and valued as a skill.

Wednesday holds the most excitement in the week with Mars squaring Uranus again; this is the need for complete freedom to act without hesitation or restraint. A leader can step forward who shows courage which is appreciated by the collective community. It is important to keep aware if you are accident prone as there may be carelessness abounding.

There may be a risk-taker or free spirit who is rebellious enough to disrupt a situation, but as Mars and Uranus are in fixed signs, it could manifest as the encouragement of independence and adventure.
If there is strained and restless tension it can be applied in a purposeful fashion (fixed). Look out for someone who might be provocative.

Towards the end of the week there is the last quarter moon, this is the beginning of the reflective phase of what has been before (the two eclipses).
As the moon fades in light and wanes, so you can mull over previous actions and the feeling you had during this eclipse season; this will in turn help you clarify your new set of actions that can begin on August 11th, at the next new moon.

(N.B: All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means the peak or the exactitude)

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Daily Horoscope Monday July 30

Mercury in Leo semi-sextile Venus in Virgo (builds all day & perfects at 19:35pm)

Sun in Leo semi-square Venus in Virgo (builds all day & perfects 00:29am Tuesday)

Venus is currently in the service oriented sign of Virgo which predominantly focuses on dutiful care towards others, rather than the sensual or passionate expression of love within a relationship. So in the context of a current relationship it might be the recognition of being helpfully dedicated to each other; in a new matching it could be the logical and practical aspects of being together, so that both can shine (Sun in Leo). If there has been a recent split, it could be the realization of having been too fussy or over-critical.
As the Sun and Mercury are both in Leo then there may be noticeable awareness of shared dignity with ambition; for example a couple of creative types could get on very well at this point in time.
If Venus is being analytically helpful in Virgo, and the Sun is shining proudly in Leo then a creative plan or concept could be launched at this time.
You might like to look back to the 4th March 2018 for the beginning of this Mercury/Venus cycle, when they met at 27 degrees Pisces with Chiron the healer. Today indicates an important turning point in a relationship (or in the awareness between two people) and a chance to succeed in what you do.
Venus and Mercury will aspect each other again on the 18th August; this will also be a notable date related to today’s events.

The Lesson:

Love can be easy to pick apart or over-analyse in different situations, but ultimately the feeling from the heart is sustaining and constant.

Aries: You’ve gotten equally worked up by and charmed by the people you work with recently bringing up your feelings for the value of ‘cheap talk’; you’ve got advice for them if they’ll take it in.

Taurus: You’re all about keeping up the fun times and a happy self-expression even if there are other more serious pressing needs that you’re trying to avoid.

Gemini: You’re a whirlwind of social activity and action around the home; there’s still time to take a step back though and find a quiet space to get your thoughts together.

Cancer: You’ve been getting around locally and in the neighbourhood with a completely different co-operative attitude and so your friends might be encouraged to ask you about your plans.

Leo: You’ve been attracted to the building of personal resources and felt a new surge of self-valuing recently which people at work notice and compliment you on.

Virgo: Your whole approach towards the dating and mating game is changing and you get a clearer idea of how your viewpoint has logically shifted from one realm to another.

Libra: You’ve wanted to keep your true feelings about attraction and desire under wraps and hidden away recently yet you know you’ve got to make some changes obvious.

Scorpio: You’re long term plans and objectives are all about finding the right balance in a relationship and now a partner tries to make it as clear and rational as possible.

Sagittarius: You know you’ve got to be fair at work and on the ladder to the top, even though some people drive you mad and others you love; good feelings to keep working help you get on with it.

Capricorn: You’re enjoying a cultural journey that widens your viewpoints and puts you in touch with different people; now you feel it’s time to add your personal creative input to the general activity.

Aquarius: Your feelings about relationships have been changing recently; now you have feelings to look into your deepest personal needs and ask yourself some questions about sharing with others.

Pisces: The right relationship has been high on your agenda for a while and you’ve learnt a lot about the people you’re attracting in your life: now just say the right things to them!

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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday August 1

Sun in Leo biquintile Saturn in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects at 20:06pm)

The biquintile aspect is noted as being subtle in its application, and is linked to a creative talent of some kind. As the Sun is currently in Leo, then there will be plenty of self-awareness about what one can do productively; the alignment is to Saturn the planet of tradition and of working within limitations. So as the Sun shines with innovation, there are rules and regulations to abide by. However, as both the Sun and Saturn are in their own signs of rulership at the moment, is there a way you can bend the rules to allow for someone or something else? It might not be something new, but instead the visionary revival of an older tradition?

The Lesson:

A set of parameters acts as a cause for self-motivation; the teacher realizes they have the confident strength to build on.

Aries: You have to learn to subtly hold back your creative input to your career and how the world sees you. There is an advantage to limiting the output, as in making it last longer.

Taurus: Whilst being aware of what’s happening at home; deep down you know the usual limits and restrictions apply even if it’s time for the travel or holiday. Giving it a different perspective helps.

Gemini: You have a talent for explaining to people close to you how the limiting or restrictive changes have to be implemented.

Cancer: A creative use of your money and personal resources is helped by a time tested partner who puts in the boundaries.

Leo: You want to be recognized as you have plenty of creative notions; the challenge is in the limited scope of the work and how you can best use it.

Virgo: All that stuff going on in the background tends to stay unnoticed but you still want to reach the goal of having a good time with those older and wiser people. Play the game, stick to the rules and be a sport.

Libra: You’re aware of friends and those objectives from long ago; they creatively add to the stark reality of what the past has now led to. Home and family is the priority, that’s how it is.

Scorpio: You’re being noticed at work for what you do and your creative angle on it; if you’re asked though you might find it difficult to explain yourself.

Sagittarius: You’re looking forwards to the holiday coming up soon, but there’s a restriction that you’ll have to creatively get around in order to make it really work well.

Capricorn: In all seriousness you have to be realistic about your methods; you can make some creative changes to how you see partners in order to bring more into your life (of whatever you are looking for).

Aquarius: A partner will happily bring to light those things you’ve hidden under the carpet. If you see it as a creative talent of theirs, then you can get closer to making some substantial changes.

Pisces: Long term plans have become more sober of late; however your creative juices are still flowing with plenty of routines established and sustaining you. Use healthy ideas as a platform for talent.

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Daily Horoscope for Thursday August 2

Mars in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus (builds all day Wednesday & perfects at 02:39am)

It’s important to note how this Mars square Uranus aspect may well be experienced the day before on Wednesday 1st August.
These two planets are meeting three times in 2018, and this is the second aspect of three.
The first aspect was just before the Royal Wedding on the 15/16 May and the last aspect will be on September 18th.
With Mars in Aquarius then we need to see the freedom fighter whose goal it is to reform a situation, so that the future can be moved towards. Mars is currently retrograde, bringing up to your attention all the things that should have been done already; this is the phase of time to do what you can to level out your playing field, so you can set some new goals.
As much as Mars is an achiever and a winner, it is also a fighter and attacker, so when Mars comes up against erratic Uranus then you have to see the different manifestations: some are going to be useful, others not-so.
A couple of comparative examples of Mars square Uranus:
At the Royal Wedding back in May, a progressive Bishop (Michael Curry) from the USA was invited over to give a wedding speech. No-one was expecting his fire-brand (Mars) style of delivery, which was a real treat to watch and at-once indicated the progressive changes the Royal family was undergoing (Uranus in Taurus).
On the other hand, and not-so-positive (downright negative actually) a USA weapons defence website called “Defence Distributed” have just announced that as of August 1st 2018, it will be possible to download 3-D printer blueprint designs of weapons. That’s Mars the attacker/defender overcoming modern technology (Uranus) to continue to supply weaponry to the public.
So have a look in your own life as to what Mars planet of competition and drive is doing as it makes its second tense alignment to Uranus planet of unexpected freedom.
Are you making a breakthrough somewhere? Bear in mind that this aspect is something that’s been building up for a while and needs to be released; possibly even explosively? Look out for an eruptive change of direction in your life that is in a ‘fixed’ modality: Taurus and Aquarius are solidly purposeful and don’t like to change if they can, so it could be about sustaining and persevering with a course of action.

The Lesson:

Holding on or persisting isn’t so much of endurance if other surprising outside factors encourages progression.

Aries: If you’ve been feeling trapped by demanding relationships then you need to work out the conflict between the need to build and the need to destroy. Do you keep saying: ‘If I don’t like it, I’ll leave’?

Taurus: You’re building acceleration and can see the finish line so lookout you don’t blow out a tire and skid off the track in a sudden independent or eccentric move; utopia takes a while to reach.

Gemini: Of course it’s natural to want to try anything once, but are you sure that taking the risk and being the daredevil is what you want to be doing right now?

Cancer: You might find that you’re projecting anger towards a group in order to help release any personal grievances, just try not to be rash or tactless as you let it out.

Leo: Both you and your partner are displaying personal unpredictability, with the runaway option there for the taking. Try to work out an agreement or consensus without abrupt change?

Virgo: You’ve been putting an extensive amount of energy into a work project and you’re almost ready to welcome confrontation if it means you can suddenly change what you’ve been doing.

Libra: You want to wander the wide open savannah and roar and roam, but you also need to consider whether you’re just being impatient, premature or foolhardy.

Scorpio: You’ve got a situation where you have to deal with quick fire tempers and tantrums which could leave you in a completely different place. How are you with sudden turnarounds?

Sagittarius: If you’ve got a point to communicate it might come out a lot quicker than you thought and people you work with might see you as eccentric and contrary. Don’t upset your health or diet pattern.

Capricorn: You’re willing to be experimental in negotiations and it’s your job to figure out the ways for everyone to get what they want, even though you want to put yourself first.

Aquarius: You’re pretty much ready for a quick and rapid move away from the family situation, a change of tack was what you were looking for and now there’s something to instigate it.

Pisces: You’ve been thinking in a unique and rebellious way for a long time, but you need to make sure that you don’t have a misunderstanding that’s been lurking around to put you off your course.

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Daily Horoscope for Friday August 3

Venus in Virgo biquintile Uranus in Taurus (perfects 15:09pm)

The biquintile aspect is a fortunate aspect; often overlooked in how it can provide creative or talented potential. With Venus being attraction, relationship and self-worth then when it meets Uranus the planet of the unexpected, there is a sense of new-ness through having similar interests, especially as both Venus and Uranus are in Earth element signs of Virgo and Taurus.
Taking that Earth element theme of money, values and self-worth, you might come across someone who says “what can you do for me?” or “how much are you worth?” If that is the case, bear in mind how Venus being currently in Virgo, might be too modest to really value itself properly! (But this is where the Sun and Mercury in Leo can boost confidence).
The best way to see this aspect is to understand how a progressive evolution is hinted at, a shift of attraction towards a new receptivity. In the face of new evaluations, practical concerns are paramount.

The Lesson:

Look out for and welcome those who offer an improvement to a situation. A helpful person wants to know how they can make things better.

Aries: Someone you work with, or an employee is being helpful in such a way that you receive a revolutionary notion; this could result in you paying them more money, but their assistance will be worth it.

Taurus: When someone you love helps you to have more fun than usual, that’s when you realize you can approach the world differently- a new identity, a new you.

Gemini: The love and diligent care you have for family takes brings feelings about your foundations; an exciting concept stirs the depth of your unconscious mind: initial flashes of which take you back to the past.

Cancer: A helpful neighbour or someone close to you shows how good they can be, and gives you a surprising notion as to how to arrange your future objectives.

Leo: You are demonstrating how you can help others, and be useful and of service in what you do. This links favourably to a change in your public image and career.

Virgo: Be charming, attract new people into your life through your approach, and before you know it they’ll be innovative and surprising changes to your overall direction (with future travel possible).

Libra: Love for someone needs to be hidden or clandestine; eventually there will be progressive transformations to your values that will change everything. This is just the first, mildest, inkling.

Scorpio: Having a friend recognize how helpful and useful you are gives you a considerable shift in how you are with relationships. You sense a big revolutionary awakening is due, but not quite yet.

Sagittarius: The manner you relate to colleagues at work allows you to change your routine and working style. Having a more creative method helps you to be seen differently and in a more charmed way.

Capricorn: A helpful teacher attracts you to a new way of looking at life, and to work towards an overall viewpoint that you value. A creative awakening is just what you need, and the right person to help you do it.

Aquarius: An attraction to something that is rather secretive has you pulled into a web of intrigue. Deep down you feel an awakening that could see you change so much in your life, particularly around the family.

Pisces: Your partner or significant other is being so very helpful and dutiful; you have awakening ideas about organizing your life that you’d like your partner to understand as well.

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Daily Horoscope Saturday August 4

Last Quarter Moon: Moon in Taurus squares Sun in Leo (starts 18:18pm lasts two days)

Mercury in Leo Inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn (builds all day & perfects 05:15am on Sunday)

This last quarter moon phase is the result of what started with the new moon eclipse 21 days ago and culminated with the full moon eclipse 7 days ago.
As it is in fixed signs of Taurus and Leo, then stabilisation and purposeful perseverance is the theme. There might have been chaos, but it’s important to stand firm, at least for now.
Look around you and see what has happened. If huge changes have uprooted everything and left turmoil in the last three weeks, then it might be a good idea to tidy up where possible, and make it all look respectable if you possibly can. Sweep things into corners and under the rug, as it were. After the storm and when the dust begins to settle, you can take what’s left over to try and make yourself comfortable again.
We are all moving forwards all the time, and the planet keeps on turning, so if there was what appeared to be a major mishap in the last couple of weeks, you can put it down to feeling like you were forced into making a change (that was the New Moon opposite Pluto!) which naturally caused the huge mishap.
Thankfully the next new moon in seven days’ time will be in sunny Leo, so that’s something to look forward to. It will also be a new moon eclipse and therefore promises to open a new doorway, portal or creative path to follow.
Also on Saturday Mercury the planet of decisions and communications is building up to make an awkward alignment to Pluto the planet of ultimatums. Mercury is currently retrograde in Leo, so there might be larger-than-life ideas or concepts that could be a bit overblown, so it might be wise to keep things in check. Of course confident creativity is at the heart of decision making, but it can be too easy to be excessive, so try one step at a time, notching each achievement as a bit more progress up the golden mountain.
Try to avoid demands as there is the likelihood they will be changed again in a few weeks’ time, so use your ideas selectively and efficiently.
It is important not to let the challenging influence of Pluto on Mercury present you with faulty thoughts or distortions; you are good enough for what you want to be. Pluto has a tendency to open up a yawning abyss and play with the mind, so stay strong.

The Lesson:

A quote from Vincent Van Gogh “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

Aries: It’s good to describe your confident game plan but there are some bits which require adjusting- as in not too much dominance or control needs to be applied?

Taurus: You’ve got big, generous talk when it comes to expressing your deepest emotional needs but you’d be better off adjusting and perfecting your beliefs and worldview, which can dominate the subject matter.

Gemini: It’s time for some creative reorganization now you’ve got better control of finances- avoid making to brash a statement, it’s better to adjust according to whatever your partner wants you to do.

Cancer: A big decision about money and resources can only be made when you and your partner are able to pull your forces together so they eventually function in a more practical, workable manner.

Leo: You are happy to think about personal requirements but know how your routines and schedules need to be transformed and controlled so that you become more competent in a new technique.

Virgo: Behind the scenes you think about big possibilities knowing that in order to take control of your life and be powerful, you need to have creative control of your deepest desires.

Libra: Plenty of chat and gossip amongst friends or a group keeps you on your toes, but there’s a powerful adjustment you need to make that goes back to the control and dominance of the family on your life.

Scorpio: From a professional standpoint, you’ve got all the information and can be quite dramatic, but you would do well to discriminate carefully what you’re going to say before you say it, to avoid being overpowered.

Sagittarius: When asked you’re going to speak your worldview and what you believe in, but be wary about giving up your views on money and resources; choose carefully how you plan to say it.

Capricorn: You can’t avoid the vital talk you and a partner are having to go through; however before all hell breaks loose over money, make an adjustment based on your approach: avoid dominance and control?

Aquarius: You’ve heard it all before in relationships and so you pretty much have intuition as what to do: the power is in your unconscious patterning to adjust difficulties and to work with acceptance- remember no-one’s perfect!

Pisces: Ideas discussed with people you work with see you making adjustments to your long term plan- you want to listen to all creative input that the job can bring but also want to keep overall control.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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