The Weekly Almanac’s new Horoscope format for the modern age 25th August – 31 August


Julian Venables the London Astrologer hopes you are enjoying the Weekly Almanac as it is a new Horoscope format for the modern age. The Weekly Almanac presents you dynamic planetary energies that you will see in your own life, as well as in the world around you. This is the sort of astrology for London that everyone can find useful. Predictions are becoming more accurate and your personal astrology insights also become more available to you.

This week in London astrology there are some good planet alignments to use, particularly if you have a future work prospect that you want to make real.  Julian the London astrologer wants to encourage you to have an astrology reading; daily horoscopes take on a new meaning now, and you will find this almanac to be more accurate prediction than sun signs or star signs.


Mercury in quadrate to Saturn


Wednesday 25 August 

Mercury in quadrate to Saturn

A change in plans looks like the expression of ideas and skills are put to the test. Someone wants the truth or a reformed project to establish itself. There might be an inclination to be critical or pessimistic as it’s too easy to pick apart their plan. The answer is not to be perturbed, it’s just a slight ripple in the process, and to keep on working at things. Ultimately although it might feel like there’s sudden distance setting things apart, you must be efficient and keep the lines of communication open.


Thursday 26 August 

Mercury in trine to Pluto

This week sees you diving in a methodical and practical way, to research the deeper issues in life. The further you go into it, using analysis and practical ideas, the more will be revealed. If you are a bit crafty you are likely to find something that might have been lost, or to unveil what was previously, a mystery.

In most situations you can grasp the situation just by being efficient and logical. You can get to the root of things and prove your point.  Others will cooperate with you so you can further your goals, the best achievements are the ones where fears can be overcome.

Being insistent on what you are planning is the best way forwards but remember to be reasonable rather than rigid.


Monday 30 August

Mercury enters Libra (lasts until November 5th)

You are entering a phase in which you’ll find out how important it is to develop, and balance thought constructions and strategies. The diplomat in all of us needs to know how to compromise in all communications, to result in both sides reaching harmony. As mercury is making a particularly long stay in Libra this time around (because it will have a retrograde cycle) then there will be a lesson in being elegant and charming in conversation, stylistic in speech and rhetoric, whilst paying close attention to being too hesitant or sitting on the fence. Decisions around fair play and justice will also feature quite noticeably over the next two months.


Last Quarter Moon – Moon in Gemini squares Sun in Virgo

This lunar phase indicates that changes are possible, a sort of adaption or variation that encapsulates what the New Moon in Leo was all about three weeks ago: the start of a creative enterprise or establishment that put you centre stage.  Clever flow tactics means a change in how work is done over the next couple of days. A more intellectual approach is required and as Mercury has just entered Libra the sign of relationships, then the message now carries a different perspective.


Julian the London astrologer who writes this weekly almanac asks if you have enjoyed reading this, please share it amongst your friends and contacts. This is a new format for the horoscope column; presenting horoscopes in a new style has been a long time coming, and now you too can enjoy this new style weekly almanac. Now this new format of the sun sign column will provide you with accurate astrology insights, and predictions. If you would like an astrology reading, contact Julian, London astrologer.



* The orb of influence between two planets is active for 2 days before & 1 day after*

This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading