Astrology reading gift card


An astrology reading makes a fascinating, interesting, and rather good present. 

It’s a unique present you can’t get anywhere else – just think how great it would be to receive one.

The gift card is valued at £48.50 for a 30-minute reading. It takes place on Zoom as a one-to-one session with world-renowned astrologer, Julian Venables. The session is recorded in MP4 (video) and MP3 (audio) and emailed to the lucky recipient afterward as a download.



“I really like what Julian Venables is doing. He’s nailed the heart of metaphysics and the harmonically layered universe it implies. That’s the foundation of astrology, and no one can understand it and still subscribe to the random-universe model of modern existentialism and conventional science. Good work!”

Steven Forrest Author of best selling book; “The Inner Sky” and Director of the School of Evolutionary Astrology


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