Mars the planet of leadership and drive was in its own sign of Aries in 2020 until the beginning of January 2021. This long extended stay meant we had at our disposal, a particular type of active and go-getter energy. With the world in its current state of affairs,  a good form of initiative and leadership would be very much welcomed,  Julian Venables is presented a webinar on how we can could make the most of our Mars alignments at this time.

Julian recently discovered an archetype of the god Mars that the Greeks and Romans used to worship, in this webinar he reveals this very different side to Mars, along with its name and myth. An exciting moment, because in understanding this side to Mars, we have a new spiritual ally in helping to kick-start the ‘Green Revolution’. Julian also discusses two further facets of Mars – its orbiting moons, Phobos and Deimos. Translated from the Greek, Phobos is fear, this is where we get the word Phobia from; and Deimos is ‘terror’.