Full moon in Leo – Sun in Aquarius

The full moon in Leo peaks on Thursday 25th Jan at 17.54 and lasts until 27th when the moon enters Virgo.

What to look out for (+)

  • Self confident leadership
  • Self-expressive creativity
  • Loyalty
  • Faithfulness

What to avoid (-)

  • Allowing ego convince you that you are the only truth 
  • Self-righteously forcing your way upon others
  • Being unable to live by your ideals in your personal life
  • Losing yourself in high-sounding abstractions

What to expect – your best aim, purpose & intentions…

Thr full moon always brings something previously hidden to the light of consciousness. its been building up for the last 14 days, and as the full moon happens, so the issue is recognised. 

Is yours, a friend's, or family member's birthday on one of these dates?

  • January 25–30
  • April 25–30
  • July 25–30
  • October 25–30 

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