Free Daily Horoscopes for Sunday 3rd February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Sunday 3 February

Venus the planet of love and relating changes zodiac sign into Capricorn where it will stay until March 1st.

This indicates a phase where you will tend to express your affections cautiously and seriously particularly in a certain area of life.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ll draw the attention of those in professional positions who like you but will you see it? Your need for self-control could hamper the development of close relationships, keep this in mind.

Taurus: When it comes to connecting with friends from abroad, or in education you can improve relationships but you have to still be dutiful and show your concern for your reputation.

Gemini: You’d like to show pleasure and love all the time but there are different phases you go through and now it appears its necessary to be somewhat aloof, impersonal and show mechanical affections.

Cancer: You’re entering a phase where you’ll show you are capable of loyalty and of facing the work and responsibilities of relationships, whatever the differences you seem to have. Do it for the long haul.

Leo: Feelings about work and getting tasks done colour your social ability with perseverance and ambition. You feel you have to work to keep your friends. Show self-control; look after your body.

Virgo: Expressing your affection, pleasure and love needs is very good for you but you want to be sure of a commitment from another before giving of your deeper emotions.

Libra: You are entering a phase where you can show the family you’re capable of loyalty and facing the work of dealing with all the family issues about the past, whilst looking towards the future.

Scorpio: You are entering a phase where you will need to show self-control and emotional reserve in expressing your feelings to people close to you and in your conversations.

Sagittarius: You are entering a phase where your values and feelings towards money and earnings will be colored with cautious and serious attitudes as certain realities require emotional reserve.

Capricorn: You’re attracting all sorts to people to you which is enjoyable except it’ll be best at times to return your affections cautiously or dutifully and be a bit aloof or impersonal to make things easier.

Aquarius: Falling in love with someone unavailable is challenging so it’s best to show your love feelings by being dutiful, loyal and showing emotional reserve. Be helpful as is possible in the situation.

Pisces: Your feelings move towards friends, groups and associates: you’d like to show your affections and love urges but you need more commitment and loyalty before developing close relationships.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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