Free Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 9th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 9 January

Jupiter the planet of expansion and increase is making a testing alignment to Uranus the planet of unexpected surprises and rebelliousness.

This could result in an attempt to push what is perceived as the truth through to others in such a way as to be disruptive.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Having learnt and understood something bigger than words can encapsulate, you now feel like you have to individually awaken those who you perceive as getting in the way. Try to be patient, not everybody works at your pace.

Taurus: You can see a larger crisis getting out of control unless some sort of a brake or slowdown is applied to it, but form where? A flash of well hidden inspiration sees you act immoderately, which could upset or jolt those least expecting it from you.

Gemini: A partner is offering a larger concept and a bigger philosophy which can throw your future plans off track, or even blow them out of proportion. Keep everything in check before rushing off the handle.

Cancer: There is a whole load of work to be done and the list of tasks seems to be getting bigger all the time. A sudden career shift or reappraisal of your direction sees you easily ruffled or emotionally in flux; it takes your steady and ambitious partner to keep it all grounded.

Leo: Creatively you are expanding into a new field of experience that is great for you as it puts you into the spotlight; however there is a willful agitation that needs to be contained, so be sure to stick to the defined boundaries and regular guidelines.

Virgo: Home and family life has been growing in some way which is encouraging but now a situation around money and resources shared or loaned can create an unexpected disruption which throws things a bit off balance. Sticking to the plan gives you plenty of work to do.

Libra: A topic of conversation with people close to you turns into something bigger than it needs to be and now a partner is getting all agitated and thrown off by the suggestions. They need their freedom as much as you do.

Scorpio: You’ve got good opportunities to earn and value the situation differently, especially as you’ll do well out of it. The thing is you need to look out for an agitated or willful co-worker or employee who could upset things.

Sagittarius: Your individuality is growing into a new self-perspective and you like the idea of being free and able to express yourself; however don’t be too willful or force too much on another. You don’t need to be too at-odds with them.

Capricorn: There’s a storm brewing behind the scenes and in your private life; you feel to follow your own path and be inspired in whatever way you like; others might not share that sentiment, which sees you acting in a more forceful or discordant way than usual. Keep to your usual parameters if possible.

Aquarius: A friend encourages you to grow your objectives and plans which is good to hear coming from them, but there is a rebellious part of your own thinking that makes you say things that can stun or jolt those that would help you. So pay attention and try not to upset anything.

Pisces: You see the big potential in your career that could really take you to other places; it’s just that there may be a surprise about money and resources which could put things into flux or out of balance. So keep practical and stick to the long term plans.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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