Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 6th March 2019

daily horoscope wednesday

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 6th March 2019

The Sun planet of the ego makes its annual meeting (a conjunction) with Neptune planet of fantasy and dreams.

This tends to make you be intuitive and idealistic, but also lacking in boundaries.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Meltdown into retreat and sanctuary; Now you are aware what you should be seeking right now is a quiet place to chill out and find your inner world. Be conscious of unconscious patterns.

Taurus: A friend with a dream inspires you to take on new fantasies and ideals: is one of your being a savior or a martyr to a greater cause? Of course it’s lovely to be a dreamer but don’t forget reality.

Gemini: Awareness of the direction your career could develop is interesting but challenging; a lot has to change and could be idealistic and full of projections so try to stick to what’s real for now.

Cancer: You become more conscious of finding your spiritual truth; this could involve travelling or maybe a lot of learning in order to make an ideal into something more real. Are you a pilgrim in a new land?

Leo: You become aware of how you are seeking to avoid any confrontations that could make things even more illusory than they already are; it would be good to find a perfect truth if you could.

Virgo: You feel compassion for a partner; they are being emotionally and physically sensitive; are you able to keep real with them or are you selectively ‘forgetting’ or missing the details?

Libra: It’s time to get into a spiritual body discipline like yoga or a religious dietary regime; be imaginative as to what you can do with yourself on a day–to-day basis, be receptive to work offers.

Scorpio: The unconditional love you feel for children is a wonderful feeling and even though it makes you sensitive and ethereal it still has its benefits in letting you know how your heart and emotions work.

Sagittarius: The fluid basis you’ve built family life on is quite a challenge to hold together and although you will be totally idealistic and easily deluded its still possible to find perfection in the chaos.

Capricorn: You find in conversations with people close to you that you are poorly defended and open or receptive to various opinions or ideas that will show potential only if you use them carefully.

Aquarius: You’re aware feelings about money, earnings and your wherewithal is leaking. Be careful how you spend your money and don’t let it pour away in a fantasy or dreamy ideal. Be on ‘scam alert’.

Pisces: Be aware of your soft boundaries and sensitivity; yes its natural to want to be appreciated, noticed, and praised but don’t let down your own defenses searching for it.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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