Free Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 26th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 26th February 2019

Venus the planet of love and beauty makes a mildly positive alignment to Jupiter the planet of opportunity.

This indicates generally benevolent and beneficial circumstances in a certain area of life.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re able to evaluate your life direction quickly and easily; ‘yes, ok that works for me’. Believing in success and abundance helps you along and makes you more appreciative of art and beauty.

Taurus: Something beautiful from another culture that you’re attracted to become something you can value and collect; a foreign link sees your costs overrun, but you still love the travelling.

Gemini: A partner who has already brought opportunity throughout this year now has a special gift for you that changes the emotional outlook; you’re charmed by their efforts.

Cancer: Taking opportunity to expand into working environments is improved by a happy-go-lucky charming individual who offers you some interesting options.

Leo: You’ve been continually expanding into creative and innovative ideas and now you connect with the right people to make the opportunities work for you.

Virgo: Opportunities to expand home and family life have been an ongoing project; now a loved one gives an indication that there’s more fun and games to be had, if you’ll indulge.

Libra: You’re growing into awareness of your local environment, understanding better ways of organizing life; now a charmed and loved individual visits you at home and activates emotions and needs.

Scorpio: A charming and beautiful way to explain or describe something helps you to make even more money and build your resources up.

Sagittarius: It feels good to be you; there are certain things you value and enjoy in life and to a certain extent you can sit back and watch the roses grow knowing that things are going ok.

Capricorn: Your friendly and lovable self-presentation goes to show how accepting and inclusive you are; there’s no need to exaggerate the current situation, even though you probably will anyway.

Aquarius: You’d like to help the friends who have helped you, but it’s difficult to love just one person. It’s just as well there’s an easygoing atmosphere that’s undiscriminating.

Pisces: You’re all for making a social link that helps expand your professional direction; people can’t help but help you at the moment, which puts a smile on your face.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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