Free Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 22nd January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 22 January

The two most fortunate and lucky planets, Venus planet of Love and Jupiter planet of opportunity join together in the sign of Sagittarius.

In Sagittarius Jupiter is in its rulership; this gives a big boost and indicates that through friendly relating, new opportunities can manifest.

New paths of discovery will bring special friends and a greater understanding of relationships.

There may also be a substantial boost to something valued.

Let things happen and see what comes of it.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A long distance loved one brings good news; it’s time to learn about the things you really love.

Taurus: Connecting and socializing with people who can make profoundly beneficial changes to your life should put you in a good mood, especially as shared resources are better defined.

Gemini: A loving connection with a partner goes to a new level of understanding and sensuality, you’ll learn more about yourself through relationships.

Cancer: Lucky and fortuitous occurrences at work teach you about getting on with certain people will give all round improvements to your life, health and vitality.

Leo: Expressing your feelings and love to your children or a romantic partner is very beneficial to your personal growth. A creative and self-expressive project gets a boost.

Virgo: A more compassionate and loving connection to family members starts to teach you more about the importance of roots and foundations although your freedom is still a must have.

Libra: Well balanced and thoughtful notions shared with people or friends close to you help you build and develop a good affinity. Connecting with a lucky someone on a short journey brings interesting possibilities.

Scorpio: A chance to improve upon your earning capability should be taken if it’s offered; buying that special and precious something will improve your feelings about yourself.

Sagittarius: Becoming a shining beacon of love and understanding helps you to face the world, people will enjoy your approach and how you relate to them.

Capricorn: Behind the scenes good things are happening which you might not necessarily be aware of, but will soon benefit from.

Aquarius: Love and good times shared with friends or within a social group helps you to realize your future objectives and make your hopes and wishes come a little bit closer.

Pisces: A lucky career move sees you meeting the right people and being put forward for a fortunate position that’ll enhance your reputation.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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