Free Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 31st January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 31st January

Mars planet of courage and activity makes a tense alignment to Pluto planet of repression and control.

This indicates circumstances that provoke fear or aversion in others.

Look out for situations that could lead to aggressiveness, jealously or anger.

With a bit of forewarning, you know you can sort out any problems.

Also this planetary alignment can provide you with great motivation and drive, acting out on matters with an executive ability.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your career and life direction drives you to make an ending then a new beginning by being individualistic. Ultimately you must be constructive and not destructive in what you want to do.

Taurus: You’re worldview and horizons are transforming all the time bringing self-empowerment. However don’t feel forced to make secret actions or be attracted to danger: you absolutely don’t need it.

Gemini: You’re motivated by ambitious future plans although the intense energy, focus, concentration and stamina could make you difficult to get on with a partner, so allow for ‘mine’ and ‘yours’ options.

Cancer: With issues about career motivation and ambition arising, it’s not surprising if you feel passive -aggressive toward a partner. It’s almost as if being uncompromising or intense is the only way.

Leo: The goal is in sight and its getting you excited and worked up to a conquest of a kind. Through this challenge you can be regenerated and force yourself to be more concentrated and focused.

Virgo: It’s understandable that you feel unease or fear through change or letting go of control; at times you need some quality privacy to look deeply within strategies and motivations concerning others.

Libra: Welling up from deep within your personal feelings is a volcano and a partner triggers hidden anger to explode; control it where you can; even though it’s difficult to relax, turn it into passion.

Scorpio: Work and routines has got you worked up to a new peak of using your personal power more passionately and with added magnetism. Win with focus and stamina to strengthen your resolve.

Sagittarius: Your sense of survival increases as you value what you have and what you can make; above all channel your intense passions and desires into playing games where you’ll ultimately win.

Capricorn: Pressures of home see you bucking around wildly looking for a release of internalized pressures; you’ll probably want to seek sexual satisfaction first then intimacy after.

Aquarius: You might find yourself being belligerent without meaning to and finding it difficult not to blame or threaten someone else for a situation which hinges around holding on or letting go.

Pisces: You’re heated up to strike a bargain or work out some strategy with a powerful and influential connection. You want to pursue ambition but also have to struggle with holding back an urge.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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