Free Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 28th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 28th February 2019

Venus planet of values, money and relating makes a tense alignment with Uranus the awakener and the unexpected wild card of life.

Surprisingly something or someone comes into play which changes your ways of love and relating, and issues to do with money.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A brief attraction with someone at work or in an authoritative position, teaches you a lot about yourself- a karmic emotional involvement is unavoidable- but to what new level of awareness does it now take you?

Taurus: A full on cultural experience invites you to get fully involved sensually into an experience which can change your world views. You felt like you had to take the plunge, and it’s an exciting change to revolutionize you.

Gemini: Sensing the power and the money makes you change your relating skills; however exciting it is though emotions are likely to be unstable and subject to quick reverses- in love today and indifferent tomorrow.

Cancer: You sense there are a lot of connections to make, which can make you socially hyperactive and attempting to cover too many bases at once; work out the most powerful and valuable ones to partner up with.

Leo: You find a deep attraction to someone you can work with, uplifting your ability to apply yourself to a task. However it’s a quick and short lasting attraction, but it will teach you much about how you want to do things.

Virgo: You feel creative potency building up; passion to make a change in your life that will forever make others view you differently. A strong love of life helps to uplift you to new levels. Involve yourself in drama.

Libra: Spiritual love and attraction for the family, roots and home life sees you able to regenerate things whilst a partner adds unpredictable excitement by being fickle, indifferent and up for sudden relationship shifts.

Scorpio: Someone local or close to you is uplifting you with a spiritual love. They feel your power and let you know it; you are attracted to them briefly, because you sense love and friendship can get confused.

Sagittarius: A karmic attraction and involvement around money and earnings is highlighted; sensing you’ll make it big, but keep yourself in check. Your unique creative inspirations are so good; don’t give it all away at once.

Capricorn: As you attract people to you, some might express their passion quite strongly although you want freedom for yourself so are unlikely to completely indulge yourself and caught up in something you don’t need.

Aquarius: You feel strong attractions to people who are unavailable and so you must let your love be directed towards the spiritual source of life’s manifestations; saying something unique and different sets it up for you.

Pisces: You are creatively potent with friends and happy indulging in sexual passion, however your fluid and changeable nature sees you valuing freedom and liberation above all else, so make your intentions clear.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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