Free Daily Horoscopes for Sunday 17th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Sunday 17th February 2019

Venus planet of love is getting closer to make its annual conjunction Saturn planet of commitment.

This will tend to show you who really loves you- is the relationship for real?

Responsibility with your affections are a natural expectations at this time.

An authoritative or senior figure might take a liking to you.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Your career, public and professional image has been tested continuously for quite a while; now someone you have feelings for is getting involved and maybe wants to help; is there some room for them?

Taurus: You’ve been learning about commitment and at times your faith has been tested as you integrate many different viewpoints into your career; now a partner makes things very real and brings in serious feelings.

Gemini: The moneys been a tough one to get settled over but a long term committed partner has been there to back you up, especially as a difficulty now seems to come up based around values and possessions.

Cancer: As much as it’s been difficult to admit, you’ve got a truly committed partner who’s always there for you. Show them love and sensuality, even begrudgingly. Good things continue to grow from acknowledgement.

Leo: It’s all work, work, routines, tasks and this and that- the pressures on but makes you see relationships in a different light- that of commitment and responsibility. Without a partner like that where would you be?

Virgo: You’ve been serious when it comes to love and choosing to have fun with older and matured people has done you good; now you see how love grows from this and a commitment to creative growth is beneficial.

Libra: The commitment and responsibility to family life continues; as much as you might feel its been cramping your style you know it’s a necessity and essentially you love the domestic scene, when others love you!

Scorpio: Serious thinking and organizing your life in a more constructive way has taught you different values and now its time to sincerely consider relationships with people close to you, including siblings.

Sagittarius: Money and the building up of your personal resources has taken a lot of hard work but now a relationship is bringing a different, still challenging, concept to what things are worth, as well as to your self-esteem.

Capricorn: Your whole approach is restructured and you’ve now got a completely different identity and attitude to life but you mustn’t forget your charm and relating skills; everyone still loves you when you’re serious.

Aquarius: There’s plenty going on in your inner world as you face up to the fact big changes are around the corner- what to do about a relationship? It’s still a mystery even though you sacrificed so much for them.

Pisces: Restructuring a group or your friends has its benefits in your own personal self-development, but now an issue of love and the commitment around it has come up- be responsible in your plans around relationships.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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