Daily Horoscopes for Sunday 10th March 2019

daily horoscope sunday

Daily Horoscope Sunday 10th March 2019

Mars planet of action is making a useful alignment to Neptune the idealist and visionary.

This tends to indicate that strong, recognized desires around material enterprises are changing and mutating into something else.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have the competitive drive to generate more resources and money for yourself but a collective vision or dream could melt and flow change that so it loses its edge. Keep on keeping on.

Taurus: You are being present, direct and action oriented and people are seeing this interesting shift in you; it comes with a mystical link to the wider group you belong to. Are you a spiritual warrior?

Gemini: A desire to make action behind the scenes and in a clandestine way could further wash out an confuse any career and life direction plans you have. Wait and stick to the above- board stuff.

Cancer: Sensing that the group is getting motivated and ambitious sees you looking into a spiritual belief or faith that’ll help everyone keep their cool and get what they want and are pushing for.

Leo: Don’t get angry about the direction you’ve found career and life direction going in. An authoritative person didn’t mean to mess things around for you; the flow hasn’t been lost, just re-channeled.

Virgo: A search for a wider viewpoint and horizon has you getting frustrated because the ideal and perfect partner seems to be elusive; there’s a spiritual person you can relate to.

Libra: You’re aware of the changes a partner has been putting you through and fair enough, it might make you angry so you could dig to the bottom of their motivation? Be subtle and sensitive.

Scorpio: A partner has the ability to make you frustrated and want to seek revenge or get even, but it could all be an illusion or fantasy so make sure everything you suspect is real, not imagined.

Sagittarius: Issues to do with health and fitness need to be addressed as you become more aware of your body due to the amount of energy you have to use in day to day routines.

Capricorn: You recognize strong desires to get sporting and get involved in recreational activity; there’s something empathic and sensitive about what you want to do, a dream to connect through action.

Aquarius: Home and family life is getting you frustrated and it’s clear to you there are challenges you have to overcome; be sensitive about use of resources (money) and don’t let things flow aimlessly away.

Pisces: Be aware of your style of communication at the moment; you might find you could be short tempered with people close to you; keep your cool and remember to be sensitive and intuitive.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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