Free Daily Horoscopes for Saturday 19th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Saturday 19 January

The Sun changes zodiac sign and moves into Aquarius, where it will stay until 18th February.

This indicates a time of being more detached and objective than usual.

Now you can shine through being forward thinking or original, particularly in a certain area of life.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re entering a phase where you’ll get noticed by your friends, which you could make to your advantage, especially since your recent direct action amongst the group has already got attention.

Taurus: You’re entering a phase where life direction and career is discussed by others; this could be challenging since you might have started feeling frustrated about your profession at the moment.

Gemini: You’re entering a phase where you’ll get recognized for what you believe in and your theories and philosophies about life come into the spotlight. You’d do well to get some time away now.

Cancer: You’re entering a phase where shared monies and resources come into the spotlight, covering such things as mortgages and loans. Make adjustments to avoid frustrations if it comes up.

Leo: You’re entering a phase where relationships, be they business or intimate come into focus and you’ll be more aware and conscious of the importance you place on yourself or on others.

Virgo: You’re entering a phase where your working life and sense of duty and helpfulness to the people around you comes into focus. You might be keen to get more fit and healthy too.

Libra: You’re entering a phase where a natural tendency to align with the pleasure seekers is gong to bring you more fun and put you in the spotlight. Fulfilling your desires is on the agenda.

Scorpio: You’re entering a phase where your attitudes to home and family life will be discussed and at times this could present some challenges; you might have to use a bit of anger management.

Sagittarius: You’re entering a phase where local communications become important and it’s useful you keep your cool in order to continue an organized structure where people help you as you help them.

Capricorn: You’re entering a phase where attitudes around money and earning capability will be enhanced and activated, this is the time to start pushing forward with a plan and vision to get what you want.

Aquarius: You’re entering a phase where your individuality is clear to see and you have a new motivation to just be yourself. People might talk about your uniqueness and will be attracted to your directness.

Pisces: You’re entering a phase of discovering your inner world; don’t get frustrated if initial plans aren’t working out as planned. It’s ok to be secretive, stay in the background for a while and ruminate.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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