Daily Horoscopes for Monday 4th March 2019

daily horoscope monday

Daily Horoscope Monday 4th March 2019

Mercury the planet of thinking is coming to a standstill and about to go in reverse (retrograde) for three weeks.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to reflect and contemplate before making any further decisions.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You got a lot of feelings and emotions to sort through; find a quiet place to contemplate and review the interactions you’ve had recently, especially ones where you felt strongly to say something.

Taurus: Ideas that have been seeded and planted by a friend or a group have given you a lot to consider but it’s not a time to make decisions. Instead start to contemplate a future plan of action.

Gemini: You’ve been thinking life direction and career and may have even had some inspiring startups but now you’ve got to think carefully about how to use any information without getting lost in it.

Cancer: You’ve recently felt a strong drive around your spiritual learning and journeying but it’s time to now contemplate what decisions you’ve made and possibly re-arrange plans to another idea.

Leo: You’re going through deep psychological drives at the moment and sometimes might feel a bit lost or confused about what to do or to say. Contemplate and review what’s happened so far.

Virgo: A partner has been saying direct things to you which have given you a lot to think about but now is not the time to make decisions. Review all the possibilities before making any further moves.

Libra: Work and daily routines have got a bit too confusing recently with a new directive and action plan that still needs to be worked out to avoid confusion or misunderstanding. Don’t make decisions.

Scorpio: You recently felt the push to start to directing creativity in a new way but there’s still much to be decided on. So contemplate your plan of action (and enjoy good sex and romance whilst you do).

Sagittarius: You started a new way of communicating with those at home and it has the qualities of being more direct; don’t let your most personal thoughts get you angry, cool your boots.

Capricorn: If you recently pushed forward your thoughts on a particular subject, maybe it’s time to review what was said and allow for some changes and shifts in the policy. Wait a bit longer before deciding.

Aquarius: Money and cash flow might have caused a bit of an upset recently with thoughts expressed that have caused some confusion and misunderstanding. Let things take their time and wait a while.

Pisces: You recently presented you as someone with a new drive and desire to start things up but what you said was confusing so don’t feel vulnerable just review and contemplate for a while.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading