Free Daily Horoscopes for Monday 28th January 2019

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Daily Horoscope Monday 28 January

Mercury planet of decisions is in cool and detached Aquarius making an easy alignment to farseeing Jupiter in excitable Sagittarius.

Talking too abstractly or unpredictably could create some mild frustrations in a friendly and farsighted friendship you’ve got going on.

Try to keep things sweet by listening to each other in turn.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Making communications with a loved one abroad could see you want to make plans which you’re not ready to make; there are several things that need considering first.

Taurus: Loose talk about a relationship could put your professionalism at risk; things have changed recently but you’d be better off keeping them to yourself rather than broadcasting it.

Gemini: Your mind has gone off into the distance as you think about far away pastures whilst a significant other is looking for some more direct peace and harmony between the two of you.

Cancer: You’re busy thinking about the cost of this and that and it frustrates you a little as you’d like to really appreciate and enjoy the time you set aside for certain things.

Leo: Listening to the other side and a significant other for some important insights especially around the romantic side of things and the fun you can be in that area.

Virgo: You’re all about setting up a routine schedule and keeping the timing right even though the emotions and feelings you have for family matters are also impressing upon your time.

Libra: Loving talk (to your children?) sees you really want to get across the feelings you have yet nothing is as perfect as you’d like; people close to you know this though.

Scorpio: You’ve been talking enthusiastically to the family about your ideas yet you know there’s still a little tension in what you actually feel your values to be.

Sagittarius: Communications with friends as always is fun and never ending yet maybe there’s something else that you’d like to put across that’s not so easy to talk about?

Capricorn: You’ve got to keep the balance right with what you earn and what you spend so feeling drawn towards your secretive world might not help matters.

Aquarius: Talking about you and presenting yourself as ready to go anywhere and do anything needs some further refinement; it might be better to continue reviewing plans, hopes and wishes.

Pisces: You’ve got ideas that are best kept in your inner world; people you collude with at work might easily get you talking about things you shouldn’t, so keep control.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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