Free Daily Horoscopes for Monday 18th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Monday 18th February 2019

Mercury the planet of chatting, gossip, emails and texts makes it annual meeting with Neptune, the planet of dreams and delusions.

It’s time to look out for idealistic and wistful thinking, or having the wool pulled over your eyes in a deceiving way.

Someone might not intend to be covering up the answer; it’s just that a message and/or conversation could get a bit vague and misdirected.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Intuitive insights and a channel of thought flow is all yours for the taking; keep the insights to yourself as they are still dreams and won’t have manifested in reality yet; but you’re in an interesting position when you see the future, aren’t you?

Taurus: If a friend is being unclear about their plans don’t take what they say as the gospel truth, give them some room for the weekend.

Gemini: Your career path could look a little foggy and unclear by what someone says; don’t let it cause you too much stress though, as things will be clearer after the weekend.

Cancer: How many places can you go at once, and can you be heard and understood at them all? You’d be more precise if you stayed in one place rather than spread yourself too thin this weekend.

Leo: If there’s un-clarity and confusion in talks about what to share, then give a bit of room over the weekend before going back to the negotiations table.

Virgo: It might be easier when having to talk to a partner to be more woolly and vague; precise points can be conveniently covered up in cotton clouds, besides you’ve felt idealistic for a long time now.

Libra: Try to keep a clear mind over your working life and duties; vague and idealistic thinking could dominate this weekend; however a spiritual diet or health regime could be a suitable answer to follow.

Scorpio: Composing a creative piece and making it part of your more spiritual self-expression is beneficial this weekend; talking romantically through a blissful cloud of dreams is also quite possible.

Sagittarius: In order to get a little less confused about domestic arrangements, it might be better to cloud over your thoughts and speech over the weekend. Make sure the bath doesn’t over run in an absent minded phase.

Capricorn: You’ve got to think and speak more idealistically to people close to you; they’re on your side and will listen to your ideas especially if they have a spiritual basis.

Aquarius: Keep an eye and ear on what you own and what you’re planning on buying over the weekend; things may not be quite as they seem, so waiting a bit longer before striking a deal is advisable.

Pisces: If you’re in two minds about something, don’t confuse the issue any further by taking a stance on one side, when you want to be somewhere else. Play out the weekend and make a decision next week.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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