Free Daily Horoscopes for Friday 15th February 2019

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Daily Horoscope Friday 15th February 2019

Venus planet of love makes a helpful alignment to Neptune planet of fantasies.

You express your all-encompassing love for someone or something, however old it is or they are.

Who they are doesn’t matter so much as your ability to connect with feeling that counts.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Tell the boss about your overall vision and the intuition you feel that comes in waves. They know you’ve got something important to contribute and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Taurus: An open forum to talk about relationships, love, freedom and how confusing planning for the future can be will bring up some interesting material. Essentially you’re keen to show those you love your ambitions.

Gemini: The moneys looking good, a partner is pleased but they’ve got to listen to your complaints as well. It’s good that the dream can come true but it’s a slog as well.

Cancer: Well yes, you do love them; it’s fairly clear isn’t it? You’ve probably got to put it into words and come up with deep meaningful explanations- look to a spiritual guidance that will explain the depth of love.

Leo: Valuing your work effort makes you think and consider different options; the dream of making money is still there and can now be activated by a different plan and vision.

Virgo: It all starts to fall into place: the partner you dreamed of plus the loving and romantic creative situation and deep and meaningful talks that go deep. Either that or the fantasy is becomes that much clearer.

Libra: Talk of money to spend on beautifying the home sees you looking into getting artistic decorators to work on job that makes a perfect domestic scene. The family expects you to pay up for some fanciful things.

Scorpio: You say one thing but in order to keep the peace with the locals that might have to change. Getting around is improved- an artistic or poetic place to be creative from is found. The love of talking and being sweet.

Sagittarius: If its money thing, it’s best not to say it if it can be avoided. The chaos of home life is improved when you know that more cash flow is going to help, but at times you’re a bit lost for words-so just ‘be’.

Capricorn: Talking among friends helps you to decide how you’re going to look in the most refined self-makeover you’ve had in a while. You have to have a dream but it can remain an elusive mystery as to what it is.

Aquarius: Decisions about your career have still to be made but it feels right to turn to a group of trusting friends and associates to explain your somewhat spiritual values and see if they can come up with a good idea or two.

Pisces: Communications get deeper and to the heart of it; a charming senior exec lets you in on how much they like you and what you represent. You’re feeling tuned in, it’s lovely to participate and make wider links.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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