Daily Horoscopes forecast for 24th September – 30th September 2018

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The Lunar overview of the week ahead

This week sees the Moon reaching its Full moon phase on Monday night, just two days after the Autumn Equinox, and then gradually diminishing in light, heading towards the Last Quarter phase after the weekend.

This indicates this week as being the full awareness and consciousness of necessary change now needing a new direction; its just the pointing of that direction needs to be settled on and agreed upon.

Monday(the day of the Moon)
Today the Moon is still in Pisces, suggesting the start of the week will be fairly gentle and flowing in reactions and responses.

From 09:00 am to 10:38am the Moon makes a sesquisquare to Venus in Scorpio which could jolt the emotions and feelings somewhat as values are tested. A request for a more passionate response is looked for.

At 23:04 the Moon changes sign into Aries which will bring a power boosted directional response. As this is happening late in the evening, some people might find it difficult to sleep, because Full moon phase starts just a couple of hours later.

Tuesday(Mardi, the day of Mars)

Early Tuesday morning, starting at 02:52am is Full Moon, with the Sun in Libra opposite Moon in Aries.

This monthly face-off between the two luminaries could well trigger issues to do with relationships.

However as the new moon was in Virgo almost two weeks ago, then the themes of this full moon carry a fair amount of awareness linked to work and service, helpfulness and healthy matters.

Therefore on Tuesday partners might be recognizing how they support each other best by working together on similar issues.

Can the efficient, pure health awareness of the last two weeks (Sun in Virgo) be sustained and taken to the next stage of harmonizing the partnership (Sun in Libra)?

The full moon will ensure that some people might find a difficult challenge as they have a natural tendency to do their own thing, whilst being fully aware that they must continue to try to keep everyone happy. Such is the balance of the Libra scales!

Wednesday(Mercredi, the day of Mercury)

From 08:00 am to 10:28am the Moon makes a square to Pluto; this can be a moment in which you can find a tense reaction. Be aware of a brief emotional outburst resulting from jealousy, vanity or conceit. An impulsive reaction creates an emotional upheaval.

This is when having the Sun in Libra will help to calm the situation back down again by lunchtime of early afternoon.

Thursday(Jeudi, the day of Jupiter)

At 07:16am the Moon changes sign into appreciative Taurus, and everyone’s feelings internalize again; people become more receiving and contemplative.

This morning is a good time to talk to people who have previously been tense and outgoing in their expression (whilst Moon was in Aries on Tuesday and Wednesday)into a more progressive and evolving stance.

From 08:00am to 10:11am the Moon meets Uranus, and this is a good time to contemplate the issues around change and unexpected developments.

Because the Moon then also makes a harmonious trine alignment to Saturn in Capricorn at 12:35.
Saturn (planet of ambition as well as tradition) and Uranus (planet of the new and unexpected) are currently in a rare good aspect to each other.

This indicates the reality of potential for structural change, as traditional ways (saturn) are getting the chance to flow into a new and progressive (uranus) situation.

New notions can be tabled. Think about the future, whilst keeping practical.

From 12:00 to 15:50 the moon squares Mars; this could be an argument over group direction.

Friday(Vendredi, the day of Venus)

From 15:00 17:20 the moon trines Pluto encouraging a very deep (though one-sided) expression of feeling.

From 20:00 to 22:36 the moon opposes Jupiter which can bring up a sense of indifference or injustice, with a particular emphasis on one’s outlook on life.

Saturday(the day of Saturn)

At 13:26 the Moon changes sign into Gemini which immediately will help to shift the mood into a more chatty, sparkling and conversational response.

All subject matter is open for debate through the day.

Late in the evening there is a trine to Mars at 23:16 which will trigger plenty of honesty or sincerity.

Sunday(the day of the Sun)

From around Noon to 14:58 the Moon makes a testing square to the dreamer and idealist Neptune. Ideas are a bit vague and dreamy, but things created in the imagination …

… are carried though to the 15:38 Moon trine Mercury; visualized ideas can be bought forward and discussed to be made more real, ready to be applied to next week.

(All times in UT Universal time. The word ‘perfects’ means ‘to bring to full development’)

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Daily Horoscope Monday 24 September

Sun in Libra inconjunct Uranus in Taurus(builds all day & perfects just after 19:00)

The Sun planet of identity awareness makes a mildly disruptive alignment to Uranus planet of surprises indicating there are new ways of being independent and breaking new ground whilst still being balanced and fair.

What to look out for:
– a contradictory nature
– impatience that is challenging
– diverting a troublemaker
– excitement at redirection

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– observe your usage of energies.
– recognize that not everything can be blended together.
– Some suitable compartmentalizing is necessary.
– two separate things bought into focus that need to be applied more usefully.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– too much self-will
– obstinacy
– muddling up
– carrying through reforms in a self-willed manner.
– inner tension (so calm down!)

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: A partner wants to connect in a new and different way as they see you’re a progressive futurist who will build their resources in surprising and unexpected ways. They want to fit in with that.

Taurus:You want to get useful on a day to day basis and apply yourself but sometimes your urge to be individualistic sees you act in the most unexpected and surprising ways. Go workout for health.

Gemini: You can glow and flow with the romance and the love as a creative project blossoms with your input; sometimes though there’s new and exciting things that pop up to be included in the plan.

Cancer:You’re starting to really show what you can do at home even though eccentric and odd friends still bait and urge you on to be as free as you can. Your plans are unique and different, that’s all.

Leo:You know that travelling locally still needs adjusting to fit your feelings properly; sudden changes in how you’re seen, your public image and your career give you that chance to make different.

Virgo:The money and how you value it can easily make you suddenly realize that you want to do things differently and break away if necessary. It’s all down to your changing beliefs.

Libra:You can shine in a different light; that is to say you know you’re changing on a deep and psychological level; it requires a lot of adjusting; this is the time to see yourself consciously shift.

Scorpio:From behind the scenes you can do a lot to revolutionize a significant others life; it’ll help you to make some useful adjustments to, and free you up in ways you hadn’t considered before.

Sagittarius:Your friends are lighting up your life in a new way; there’s something new, exciting and different that you can do work wise (or health wise) and you want to let them know; plans get a surprise.

Capricorn:You can see the overall picture and viewpoint to work from and it surprises you how much possibility you’ve got to add your own quirks and unique creative inputs. Be genius and show it.

Aquarius:You’ve expanded out into faith, beliefs and learning things that are good for you: now the rebellious home life you live breaks through in new and surprising ways. Adjust but don’t upset.

Pisces:You recognize the changes you have to make in order to align with a significant others values; look out for your coolly detached attitude to say something completely different to what’s planned.

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Daily Horoscope Tuesday 25 September

Sun in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn(builds all day & perfects at 23:50)

The Sun planet of self is making its way towards its twice-yearly tense ‘square’ aspect to Saturn the planet of rules and boundaries.

This indicates a phase that can be repressive and restricting, so be aware of that and you’ll sail through any troughs or depressing moments by applying yourself to any tasks at hand.

What to look out for:
– Inhibition.
– Pessimism.
– suppression.
– cancellation of an important appointment.
– not honouring an agreement.
– tedious time-consuming effort.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– present your ambition
– gain satisfaction of a job well done.
– be modest whilst demonstrating the work.
– keep things simple.
– accept heavy responsibility.
– plow into the work load.
– methodical planning and organisation.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– disappointment at heavy commitment.
– the separation of lovers.
– a secluded person.
– be careful of falls and bruises.
– don’t get overtired (to avoid a cold)

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:Relationships are the current focus; you’ve been making big changes but still it looks like work and career are the most limiting things to making the partnership flow well. Make the rules.

Taurus:Your current focus and awareness has been on lifestyle, health, diet and exercise; there’s a problem with what you’re prepared to believe and your viewpoint seems restricted at the moment.

Gemini:Your focus has been on social, romantic and heart expressive things but now there’s a hold-back; you’ve been working hard at making changes but the investment situation still seems the same.

Cancer:Getting a good feeling for home and family life is one of your current focuses, but the pressures and restrictions coming from a long term commitment or partner seemingly makes things difficult.

Leo:Your conscious of focusing on your local neighborhood and people close to you, but responsible pressures around daily work schedules seem to keep you back from fully expressing yourself.

Virgo:You are aware of your values, money and possessions and now reality hits as you realize long term commitments you’ve got (children?) can hold back your cash flow. Should make you work harder.

Libra:You’ve been conscious of yourself as an independent and individual person making changes in the world, but now you see the difficulties and challenges with home and family commitments.

Scorpio:You’ve spent time contemplating in the background about your situation; its continuously difficult but you know you’ve straightened out your thinking pattern to consider others as well as yourself.

Sagittarius:Friends and how they fit in with your plans are in focus but there’s a somewhat of a dampening of your spirit because of restricted resources and earning ability. Don’t let it get you down.

Capricorn:You’ve been reaching up towards your professional ambitions: just as you thought you were getting there a reminder of how serious you’ve become in your new role and identity cools you off.

Aquarius:You’re getting a good feeling from abroad that’s teaching you a lot; a serious wave of self-doubt as if hidden away dampens the vibes. You’re going to make big changes soon, aren’t you…?

Pisces:Money and making enough of it is the current focus; now you feel like plans are getting curtailed through a difficult situation, possibly from a friend. It’s limiting but carry on regardless.

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Daily Horoscope Wednesday 26 September

Sun in Libra semi-quintile Venus in Scorpio(builds during Tuesday & perfects at 09:00am)

The Sun makes a rare and mild alignment to Venus which allows for a bit of useful manifestation between two areas of life which don’t usually connect.

Have a read of your daily horoscope and see if it helps you make a connect happen.

What to look out for:
– a feeling of love.
– the power of attraction.
– artistic leaning.
– enjoying expressing within the sphere of soul and love.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– enjoy beauty, music, art.
– indulge in aesthetic aspirations.
– be beloved.
– a love union.
– creativity.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– over-indulgence.
– uncontrolled love attachment.
– doing it for the sake of external appearance.
– being unaware of intrinsic or inner value.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:Your partner and their money and resources…you know you want to make it happen so make the right suggestions and they’ll pay you or give it you. It’s a logical solution to a creative problem.

Taurus:You are keeping to the routines and regular work, so this should bring the right people into your life; that is the ones who you naturally feel more attracted to. When you do it well, the magnet is switched on.

Gemini:It’s got to be fun and expressively creative for you, like a game to play. When it is then you can make the creative leap as to how to value it properly. The work is worth something.

Cancer:Having the full awareness of a domestic situation means you have to keep things fair. It’s a leisurely pursuit and a fun thing to do, so recognize the positive synthesis of what you’ve got and what you can do.

Leo:Decisions and careful well balanced conversations can lead to an emotional reception that deep down you’ve been waiting for. Family and home life assist your quirky restlessness.

Virgo: Your sense of self-esteem about a certain matter means you’ll attract a certain answer. This is all about personal ingenuity and shaping the potential by using personal influence.

Libra:You just have to be yourself; the new beginning has got a good start to it, and now the creative persuasiveness will pool the resources in your favor.

Scorpio:Behind the scenes is a big secret, it’s tempting to let it be known, but you’ll not get the benefit of it; remember these are your talents, not anyone else’s. Look after number one!

Sagittarius:Being aware of your hopes and wishes means you dig into secret reserves and hidden resources with ease. The creative solution for now is to use whatever you need and pay it back later.

Capricorn:A public persona and career oriented showing of the self can be testing, but necessary. Happily friends are encouraging and helpful, in that they sense your ingenuity and influence and make it rather good.

Aquarius:Have you discovered a faith of belief for a teaching concept? It could be linked to a method of attracting more people or passion towards your career or public image. Think cuteness, or a positive influence.

Pisces:The emotional crisis is generated because there might be an imbalance, so look to how your partner uses charmed and passionate words; be ingenious yourself to get away with something; a logical resolution.

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Daily Horoscope Thursday 27 September

Sun in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius(builds all day & perfects 23:30)

The Sun planet of self-awareness is lining up to make a harmonious and flowing alignment to Mars the planet of action and motivation.

Aim for a target and go for a goal, you’ll be successful.

What to look out for:
– the power of attainment
– the courage to fight
– the ability to make decisions quickly.
– a vital and alert time

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– use your desire to lead and push ahead.
– be confident.
– assume leadership.
– take command.
– meet competitive challenges boldly.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– restlessness
– inclination to quarrel.
– hastiness.
– making too many demands upon oneself (and others!)
– over strain

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: A partner is making you starkly aware of the drive and motivation you need to keep on with to make sure all future goals, hopes and wishes are met. A friend also gives you a particular push in the right direction.

Taurus:The job you’re doing opens out into a clearer competition whereby you can see the track way you have to race on- being confident and vital as you work sees you reach the goal without problems.

Gemini: Creatively you’re ‘on a roll’ as different areas of life flow together harmoniously and propel you forwards to reach goals you’ve philosophized about but not yet realized. Use this time well and get what you want.

Cancer:Awareness of your deepest emotional needs (someone you can talk to and who understands you) is motivated and driven forwards by a partner who has values that flow with what you want- at home.

Leo: If there are any obstructions in your immediate environment then you with the help of a partner can wade through to get the constructive outcome that you’re looking for.

Virgo:Awareness of money, personal resources and cash flow sees you becoming alert and vital around your job or work. Co-workers are in turn boosted by your own self-esteem.

Libra:Your level of creative vitality is boosted and you feel confident in expressing yourself- it feels like nothing can get in your way and its fun to do whatever you’ve been given to get on with.

Scorpio:Your awareness shifts into inner world and things go on behind the scenes where your motivation and desire to get active becomes something that works on an unconscious hidden level. There’s power there.

Sagittarius:Friends and/or a group seem to be pushing your ability to express yourself. People want to see some results in what you’re doing so in turn you feel boosted and confident about the future.

Capricorn:When it comes to your public image and professional persona you can push forwards and assert yourself to meet competitive challenges boldly; you can win.

Aquarius:Awareness of what’s going abroad or in a distant location sees you motivated to get on with an active goal you’re trying to reach. Your vitality is particularly high, so go for it.

Pisces:You’re conscious of changes to make in financial and shared resources and you feel motivated to get on with it. It’s just there’s some hidden and secretive stuff that’s bought up- try to let it go and keep ahead.

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Daily Horoscope Friday 28 September

Sun in Libra semi-square Jupiter in Scorpio(builds up for two days & perfects during Saturday night)

The Sun planet of self-awareness makes a mildly tense alignment to Jupiter the opportunist, indicating a possible expansion of self-made plans.

What to look out for:
– the will to expand
– moral qualities.
– recognition.
– advancement in life.
– look up the scale of ascent to where you want to be.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– discuss considerations of values.
– feel indecisive about your course of honour.
– find what you want to buy.
– climb socially and expand into to a new sphere.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– be wary of deportment.
– resentment due to formalities.
– the temptation to be rude.
– being ostentatious.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:A partner brings up so much stuff for you to deal with but they are also offering something bigger and more transformational than you previously thought. This opportunity teaches you through experience.

Taurus:The job and the routine is something to get used to, but when a partner is offering something clearly beneficial and expansive (like a business/work partnership or proposal) then can you resist it?

Gemini:You feel creative essences of life help you have fun. With a spring in your step you can expand your working environment and share the good times with co-workers. That healthy program teaches you a lot.

Cancer:You’re aware of what’s happening at home and among family, but you’re in such a magnanimous mood that you’ll try to take a bigger opportunity which you’ll get, but without the full grace of another.

Leo:You’re aware of a need for local interactions to run smoothly but feel like a bigger and better chance is there to grow and expand. Others nearby might not appreciate it, but you might not care too much.

Virgo:Your money situation is lit up and you must be sure to thank those closest to you, siblings included, for their generous providence that has helped you to navigate difficult waters. Play it cool, don’t big it up too much.

Libra:Being aware of what you are able to do is further enhanced by a bigger money spend project that’s tempting. Just knowing what could happen is enough- you have to attract all the right resources first.

Scorpio:In order to really integrate the new role you are putting out there, you need to go underground for a little while and do some behind the scenes stuff. The results will be spectacular.

Sagittarius:Illuminated by friends and groups you have a clearer understanding of your own long term plans and objectives; now get inside your unconscious processes to root out the patterns of self-undoing.

Capricorn:You’re in a position where you can be challenged over professional issues, but by taking opportunities you continue to grow. Friends bolster your efforts and make you more aware of what you’re doing.

Aquarius:Your faith and belief comes first and you’ll shine in a big space when you realize that’s how to bring greater understanding and opportunities to the world. Your role is like that of a teacher, or a facilitator.

Pisces:Awareness that the money is the key to a life changing expansion, believe in all the good things and have faith that the changes will be hugely beneficial for you and your partner.

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Daily Horoscope Saturday 29 September

Mars in Aquarius in parallel with Saturn in Capricorn(perfects just after 15:00)

Mars the fiery planet of assertion is currently in the impersonal and rebellious sign of Aquarius.

It is making a rare alignment to obstructive and somewhat fearful Saturn in Capricorn.

This alignment is called a parallel, and its interpretation is much like a conjunction, a unification and blend of the two planets.

Therefore this indicates physical energy and drive will be applied seriously and ambitiously, particularly in a certain area of life.

In world news look for the visionary rebel who purposefully shakes nations and governments who are usually self-controlled and disciplined.

What to look out for:
– a pernicious energy.
– a test of strength.
– an injurious attitude.
– malevolence.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– show endurance.
– be energized by the power of resistance.
– Be indefatigable.
– Be indomitable.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– being rancorous.
– a balefulness or bitterness.
– revengeful.
– acrimonious.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries:You feel its time to push forward some of your long term goals and achievements; be serious with the group or with friends as it helps to show you are essentially authoritative and ambitious.

Taurus:Have you found efforts to get success and respect in your career and life direction have been a bit gung-ho at times? Instead how about more careful planning to get long term achievement?

Gemini:Your world view and beliefs have gradually changed your life from what it was : you must now continue to pursue these desires steadily and persistently, and be conventional if necessary.

Cancer:You become attuned the power of sex; do you have feelings you’d like to change the way things have been? Look how your sex urge becomes more self-controlled but is strong and earthy too.

Leo: Ultimate success within a relationship with a significant other will be achieved through careful planning, calculation and patience. Difficult when you want to express emotions and feelings.

Virgo: You know full well the tasks and work you’ve got to do; did anyone suggest to you that some serious and strong self-discipline might help you achieve what you’ve set out to do?

Libra:You’ll get heart-centered self-satisfaction by being decisive and directing desires towards your personal material goals and creative projects. Be steady and persistent at what you want.

Scorpio:Asserting yourself at home or domestically can be a real challenge so be patient and cautious as you act decisively. You’ll get more long term achievement through being conventional.

Sagittarius:In conversation and communication locally or with people close to you assert yourself authoritatively and ambitiously but keep strong self-discipline and avoid potential arguing.

Capricorn:Assertiveness over money matters require you to show careful planning, calculation ad patience in order to get what’s yours. Direct your energy towards those personal material goals that matter.

Aquarius:Its time to pursue desires steadily and persistently being conventional as you do it. People will see you present assertive leadership skills. Your requirements are obvious, but keep going.

Pisces:You’re drawn towards planning behind the scenes where it’s not obvious what you’re doing, but in doing that you must be careful, calculated and patient, always being cautious and self-disciplined.

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Daily Horoscope Sunday 30 September

Mercury in Libra inconjunct Neptune in Pisces(builds all day Saturday & perfects 10:20am)

Mercury the planet of thinking, currently in fair and balanced Libra makes a challenging aspect to Neptune, planet of fantasy.

This heightens the possibility for an abundant imagination to be diverted or adjusted in order to move things forward.

What to look out for:
– an attempt to redirect the power of imagination
– grasping the subtle correlations.
– compartmentalizing the intuition.
– a tendency to tell a lie.

The best things to do [with this moment in time]:
– the power of sympathetic and compassionate understanding with regard to other people.
– apply intuitive thinking with clever focus
– observe how the imagination is used.
– map out the potential consequences.

The things to avoid [with this moment in time]:
– an inability to blend reality with fantasy.
– faulty judgement.
– wrong thinking.
– self-deception.
– a lack of clarity.

Your Sun sign today:

Aries: How you relate and talk to your partner is infused with your dreams coming from the collective unconscious. Speaking in a dreamy fashion allowing for psychic inputs is the way to go.

Taurus: Getting down to the job is a necessity but you’d like to infuse the routines and tasks you have to do with the artistic visions you’ve been planning for all along. Find the right workers to help you achieve that.

Gemini:Creative play is oh-so-important, and very good for you as you adapt to the circumstances. The ideas you are coming up with help to infuse the professional and career based path you’ve visualized attaining.

Cancer:You want to make a decision about home and your spiritual yearnings are infusing the process with a subtle loosening of the boundaries you have previously kept. Just becoming ‘one’ seems to be the imperative.

Leo: You’re pitching for a communication channel to open which will help you negotiate your ideas, and help you organize yourself. The dream of money is ever present, and you want to know if you’re spending it right.

Virgo:You value relationships and keeping a peace and happily compromised balance, even though your partner might be non-committal and even mysterious, you want to at least try and make a clear link.

Libra: What you say about yourself is important in the relationship you develop with co-workers or employees. Have a think about your general approach and whether not or a different mindset would help your situation.

Scorpio: Certain thoughts and concepts require you to keep secrets, because unconsciously you know keeping things fair and balanced is the right thing to do. Override that creative leak, inspiring as it is, for now.

Sagittarius:Your plans for the future seem to be manifesting at a wondrous rate; now you might understand why you felt your home and family life was so much adrift of late. Finding the place to drop anchor helps.

Capricorn: You’ve got several ideas about the direction your career or profession could take, and it all depends on compromises. Keeping communications vague and undecided is the best course of action, for now anyway.

Aquarius:You’ve got some excellent ideas and concepts you’ve been picking up from other teachers but there’s uncertainty as to how to use your resources in supporting those ideas. Do you value them?

Pisces:As you listen to deep secrets, no stones have been left unturned in order to get to the bottom of a particular subject. Your empathic and sensitive nature helps you to flow with compassion and ‘get’ how others feel.

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I hope you enjoy these Daily Horoscopes & a lunar forecast for the week ahead.

I am available for a personal reading of your natal horoscope; I have been an astrologer for over 25 years and have a diploma in professional astrology.

As the great 17th century astrologer William Lilly used to say “All Questions Answered” especially on career, love, relationships, health & money, as well as travel, timing and choices.

Please share this weekly stars forecast with other astrology enthusiasts.

with all good wishes,


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This week’s highlighted dates:

With a Full Moon Eclipse in Aries/Libra happening next week, if your birthday is on or close to the 25th of the month (any month) then I have something important to tell you…book a reading