Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 3rd April 2019

daily horoscope wednesday

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Mars planet of action and competition makes a rare parallel alignment to Saturn planet of restriction and gravitas.

Things might appear to move particularly slowly today; rather than push or rush for something take your time and consider what you’re trying to do.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’ve got lots of independent ideas, ways of talking and getting around on your own steam which could makes you argumentative; difficult when long term you’re doing well at keeping the peace.

Taurus: You’re getting encouraged to spend, buy and ‘do things’ with your money. Everything looks like a good idea but your torn because you know long term there’s a financial squeeze and limitation.

Gemini: Ever get that slow burn feeling? The one where you’ve got so much to do and push forward with new projects and plans yet another important person is holding you back? Be patient it’ll pass.

Cancer: Big ideas and fantasy worlds are formulating behind the scenes; you’d like to let them take the lead but there’s mundane tasks that ‘have to be done’, which is rather humdrum and repressive.

Leo: There are fun things you’d like to take control and involved in especially with friends; however your own unique blend of creativity is demanding to be made real with personal expression.

Virgo: Your professional and public image has been recently awakened and you feel exhilarated with your current drive; if only those personal difficulties about home and family could be sorted out.

Libra: Your current project is putting you on the map in a big way but you’re torn keeping a tight hold on organized thoughts, learning the right things and being very realistic. Speak in real terms only.

Scorpio: There are plenty of ideas coming from other people that could transform your cash flow, savings and investments but you’re torn between what’s offered and your personal values.

Sagittarius: Understanding a significant other actions and desires could be causing you quite a problem as you are set and structured into making sure everything is fair and balanced, which is a test.

Capricorn: You’re fired up to be independent in the arena of work and service. Bigger restructuring that has yet to happen keeps you from full expression and see you make clearing space around yourself.

Aquarius: Exciting and pioneering feelings to take you further than you’ve been before make you feel very creative and expressive yet you’re torn by solid long term goals that need discipline to complete.

Pisces: Waves of energy emanating from home life and deepest emotional needs make for exciting times, but you’re deeply concerned and serious about your career too and which path to take.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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