Daily Horoscopes for Wednesday 17th April 2019

daily horoscope wednesday

Daily Horoscope Wednesday 17th April 2019

Mercury planet of thinking enters the sign of Aries today where it will stay until the 6th May.

Mercury in Aries can tend you towards more forthright and direct speaking; you’ll find communications in general will be more snappy and subjective.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: If you feeling to speak out to represent yourself more than you usually would, pay attention that you don’t come across as argumentative.

Taurus: You’re entering a phase where subjective thoughts about what you want need to be kept concealed and secretive; try not to get impatient with people who help you.

Gemini: You’re entering a phase where spontaneous decisions about your plans and networking with friends and contacts make surprisingly interesting headway.

Cancer: You might well start to think about your life direction; have you made all the right decisions, could things have been a little more adventurous and exciting?

Leo: Subjects focused on long distance travel rise up for your attention; you’ve got some organizing to do and vital and important communications to make that show where you want to be.

Virgo: The way you make decisions and think about things in general is changing; maybe having a bit more of a willful thinking process would help you in certain areas of life?

Libra: You’re entering a phase where you might find yourself having to verbally defend yourself from an argumentative partner. Your diplomatic skills will need to be used at some point.

Scorpio: Making spontaneous and honest decisions at work will show your leadership qualities and also go towards improving your interactions with co-workers.

Sagittarius: Relationships with your children become more direct and open; alternately a creative project you have is giving you new ideas.

Capricorn: It’s time to talk more directly, honestly and openly to people in your family about the domestic environment; talking this way doesn’t come without its challenges.

Aquarius: You’re entering a phase where its time to talk about your state of mind; are you happiest thinking in your own way and making decisions for yourself rather than for others?

Pisces: Now you’re entering a phase where you can clearly define what you want and what you don’t want. Even though you’re not the argumentative type, being opinionated will be necessary.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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