Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 2nd April 2019

daily horoscope tuesday

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Venus the planet of love and relationships is in a happy place in Pisces showing that devotion to a cause engenders good feelings.

It is currently lining up to make a mildly tense connection to powerfully manipulative Pluto in pragmatic Capricorn.

It means better relationships can be formed by subtle transformations and rejuvenation.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Someone is charmed from the behind the scenes and wants to help you achieve those career things that empower you, but you continuously struggle for.

Taurus: There is a friend you love who is pushing you for your faith and belief, or just your overall opinion, because that will help to plan out the long term relationship that empowers everything.

Gemini: A favorable loved one from work wants to be more affable and sociable, with a view to making some changes to the financial picture. Money matters and how you attract it within the work and career.

Cancer: A loved one from long distance, who shares your values and beliefs, is influencing your partnership and or relationship. As always there’s a lot of work to be done, but you must have the good times too.

Leo: Your feelings about money and resources coming from business are tensed up; how can you generate more for what you do? There has to be a solution so look into the structuring, and intuitively feel your way.

Virgo: As you seek out fun and good times, a confidante or significant other makes you feel rather interesting. Could this particular person be the one you are looking for?

Libra: Coming across the right co-workers or employees to help transform the house is a good thing. They will also feel the need to make their work something valued and devotional.

Scorpio: Creative performance helps you to have local dominance; you act in a charming and beautiful way, because this will in turn help you to precisely dig out what it is about the neighborhood that you need to know.

Sagittarius: The love of the family dwelling and all the devotional feelings that come with it, make you decide to spend some money on it. It will make you happier deep down.

Capricorn: Some charmed interactions with neighbors or close friends help you to reshape and reconfigure how you’d like to approach life generally. Authoritative and in control? Yes to those.

Aquarius: You are noticing how your values might becoming more fluid; is there something from behind the scenes that is making its dominance felt?

Pisces: You know how that powerful and influential friend can change your long term plans and directions, so you become a bit more fluid and flowing in your general response. It’s easier like that.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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