Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 16th April 2019

daily horoscope tuesday

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 16th April 2019

Venus is still making a tense aspect to Jupiter indicating it might be all too easy to overindulge.

Be wary of having too much of a good thing and over-expanding, whether it be falling in love, or any other area of life.

However, it is a good time to enlarge on a theme and allow for some changed values, because without change, how can you move forward?

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: A long distance opportunity may be very tempting but listen to your intuition before making a snap decision that could affect your worldly status.

Taurus: Its ok to help other people help you every now and then, expect good advice or assistance from an unlikely source.

Gemini: A desire to improve your status in life could be conflicting with what someone important thinks you should do. Find a middle ground and listen to their advice.

Cancer: A person you have strong relationship with would like to take things to a deeper level, however to learn from what’s happening you also need your independence.

Leo: Shaking up the daily grind and getting out having some fun is ok, just make sure you’re not wasting precious resources or time.

Virgo: Honest and open expression of your feelings to your partner allows for some interesting prospects to appear at home.

Libra: Continually improving relations between you and the people you work with might encourage you to say more than is absolutely necessary. Develop new healthy habits at home.

Scorpio: An overtly generous expression of love could see you spending more than you expected and saying excitingly different things.

Sagittarius: You’ve learnt about yourself and your domestic requirements, but be careful not to overdo those demands. Certain things cost money and people might think you have more resources than you do.

Capricorn: Charming talk goes down well but might lead nowhere; however it’s a good learning experience. At least you can make a decision and keep your independence.

Aquarius: You find yourself wanting different things than the rest of the group, so follow your instincts and go for something a little different.

Pisces: Opportunities can come knocking on your door; it’s up to you to decide which ones you want. There’s one particular more exciting choice that might speak louder than others.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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