Daily Horoscopes for Tuesday 12th March 2019

daily horoscope tuesday

Daily Horoscope Tuesday 12th March 2019

The Sun planet of self-awareness and of being in the spotlight is currently in merging unity of emotions Pisces.

It is making an easy and useful alignment to Pluto in practical and methodical Capricorn.

This indicates a flow of power and control in a specific area of life.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You’re becoming aware of the great hidden inner worlds and unknowns but you can use this to further advance the power of your public and professional direction. Be sure to look after your health, too.

Taurus: Your conscious it’s a time to look into your future plans and objectives as a friend highlights something for you particularly sensitive. The power is found by sticking firmly to your beliefs and faith rather than fluidity.

Gemini: You’re attuned to your own life direction, have you set proper co-ordinates yet, or are you still adrift? It’s a sensitive subject, that’s for sure, but you have the power to change all that, through someone else.

Cancer: You realize there must still be time set aside to understand the world from an all-encompassing perspective; your views are sensitive, but you’ll influence all sorts of power-heavy partners with your shining truth.

Leo: An awareness of the shifting changes and fluidity of everything valued and financial sees you, whilst be acutely sensitive, stay ready for changes of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes you just have to let it flow.

Virgo: A partner shines and makes you aware of your differences, which is a challenge, however you can also see how a powerful creative ‘project’ is immensely good for you, and its them who could help you attain it.

Libra: Aware of how the work is going on at home, you need to make changes by showing you foundational power and taking authority. That can be difficult though when the atmosphere is one of fluidity and change.

Scorpio: When it comes to love and romance you’re aware of how a deeply introspective communication style can make others sensitive to your self-expressions. But you’re just getting your feelings across though.

Sagittarius: You’re feeling sensitive about everything you have to self-sacrifice in order to hold together family and home; luckily your resources are powerful and the work you are doing helps to keep it all ship-shape.

Capricorn: Getting organized requires you to become one with and merge all the local boundaries in order to get the right aptitude. Luckily you’re used to be the boss and present yourself as the one with the power.

Aquarius: An awareness of money, values and resources is a sensitive subject indeed, and as you dwell on it, so can you make the required changes to look deeply into your inner world and recycle previous works?

Pisces: Self-awareness and a focus on your own needs sees you consider how to empower your life through interacting with your influential contacts. A changeable approach allows for fresh starts all the time.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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