Daily Horoscopes for Thursday 28th March 2019

daily horoscope thursday

Daily Horoscope Thursday 28th March 2019

Mercury the planet of communications stations direct to finish its retrograde cycle.

It’s been in Pisces stirring up the emotional whirlpool of inner thoughts and secret decisions; hopefully you haven’t made an important decision recently out of confused desperation!

Clarity will gradually come back over the next few weeks, especially after April 17th.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Hopefully you’ve been able to wade through the emotional mire of entangled feelings and thoughts you’ve picked up from the world around you this last few weeks. It’s gradually going to clear now.

Taurus: Friends, group and associates said many hopeful things and given you plenty of ideas but nothings stuck; so now you can start to get a clearer picture of your future plans and objectives.

Gemini: Idealistic talk about career and professional life direction has flowed all over a vast fishpond of various options but with nothing fully decided. Now things can gradually get a bit clearer.

Cancer: You’ve wanted to learn and expand your world view in some direction; several ideas have been put forward but you’ve hopefully been waiting until a later time to decide what to follow.

Leo: Decisions about changing your mind over shared resources and money issues with a partner kept you in a confused state for a while; now things settle down a bit and the fog slowly starts to clear.

Virgo: An earlier discussion with a partner left several ideas in limbo and floating in space; getting anything else out of them has been confusing. Soon you can re-approach the subject.

Libra: Decisions about work and who to work with has left you confused about what to do; now you’ve got a chance to start getting things better organized. Try to get some straight answers soon.

Scorpio: Things you have said recently came from the heart and are like beautiful poetry but they may have been misinterpreted in their translation and now need to be clarified.

Sagittarius: You’ve been trying to make decisions about home and family life but it’s been flowing into psychic impressions and a medley of conversations and ideas, at least up until now when things will start to come clearer.

Capricorn: You’ve said things to people in your immediate environment that you’ve had to retract and think twice about, leading to confusions and crossed interfaces. Finally clarity slowly starts to return.

Aquarius: Calculations and evaluations might have all been wrong and led you to further confusions and misdirection as to what to do with your money and resources. At last the situation slowly clarifies.

Pisces: You’ve been presenting yourself and talking about you in a new way, yet things could have come across slightly confused until now when you can clarify what you’ve wanted to say correctly.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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