Daily Horoscopes for Sunday 7th April 2019

daily horoscope sunday

Daily Horoscope Sunday 7th April 2019

Mars planet of action is currently in adaptable Gemini where it lines up to make a frustrating link to Saturn planet of restriction in persevering Capricorn.

Just as you thought you had it all happening,there is a (minor) blockage which will bring to a peak the frustrations and irritations you’ve been feeling in a certain area of life.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Even the most simplest of ideas have been restricted and you’re left with a hardcore reality which seems limiting. Out of this you’re learning to direct your own path and restructure your mind.

Taurus: Everything you value is held back and not as shiny as it used to be. Out of this you have to take action to learn to develop your own self-esteem and self-worth. Start again where necessary.

Gemini: Are you taking yourself so seriously that you’re finding it difficult to just be you? By now people know how much you’ve changed and respect you for it, so don’t push it unnecessarily.

Cancer: Unconsciously you’re making plans too difficult to execute at the moment, so its probably better to simply deal with any hold ups and be patient, even though you’ve been waiting a long time.

Leo: You’d like to push ahead with long term plans but the overall restrictions you’ve felt are still very much there to be dealt with. Try not to be too annoyed or frustrated with friends.

Virgo: Your build to the top has been a longtime and now the reality hits: you might find difficulties in asserting your authority. Don’t set ultimatums with people you work with, take you time.

Libra: The faith you’ve set up for yourself these last couple of years is being pushed to its limits; a challenge though has the ability to benefit you. Learning through relationships is very useful.

Scorpio: Investments and sharing things with others can cause difficult psychological challenges, especially if they’ve put demands you can’t meet. You have to set your limits in complicated circumstances.

Sagittarius: It’s the pinch in the partnership. Its been building up for quite a while but the reality now strikes home and it’s a challenge since you’re acutely aware of the restrictions. Go on; just tell it how it is.

Capricorn: How many duties and tasks can a person do without feeling the stress and weight? You have to be fair to yourself and take it easy sometimes, or it’ll affect your health and balance.

Aquarius: You can’t be getting too angry at your situation, in a way you asked for your reality to change to happen like it has. How about making the most of it, turning it into responsibility and discipline?

Pisces: You’ve been going through deep personal restructuring in order to start things going again, and yet family issues still make things challenging. Tell them like it is and work through the difficulties.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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