Daily Horoscopes for Sunday 17th March 2019

daily horoscope sunday

Daily Horoscope Sunday 17th March 2019

Mercury planet of quick thinking and wittiness is currently in imaginative and sensitively emotional Pisces.

Today Mercury makes a helpful alignment to Mars planet of action in determined and productive Taurus.

This indicates a self-sacrificing exchange of words where you get your point across directly, although you might find you end up getting a lot more than you originally envisioned.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Thoughts swirling around in your inner world focus on money and personal resources; you’ve felt forced to give up a lot recently: now you’re driven to find good ideas to make it back up again.

Taurus: You’re thinking about your overall plans and objectives career wise, and a slightly tougher more action oriented appearance helps.

Gemini: You’re thinking about your professional direction and career; hasty plans that come out of nowhere might sound good, but they could see you misfiring in other ways.

Cancer: Various intuitive conversations are helping you make more direct decisions about a social group or a friend in particular.

Leo: Money talk and the inherent changes that are due has been a continuing feature and you’re driven towards taking action around a career position.

Virgo: Perceptive and intuitive ideas communicated to you by a partner give you a clearer direction in which to follow; it’s a good time to make a decision about a holiday or action adventure.

Libra: Thinking about your duties and ways of working sees you take direct action to bring about changes that you haven’t made yet.

Scorpio: You’re enjoying the vitality and fun you get from meeting and having fun with innovative and intuitive people, they fire you up to taking action about a partner.

Sagittarius: Personal thoughts about the family and home reside deeply within your mind; however it does help you to tune into the task at hand and the work you’ve got to do.

Capricorn: Talking with friends close and neighbors give you some creative inspiration and drive to take action over a creative project; its fun to show helpful leadership skills.

Aquarius: Its time to sort out the bills that have accumulated at home; being direct helps, but watch out for tension expressed if things aren’t analyzed carefully.

Pisces: You’re happiest when you can present yourself and talk about your emotional understanding, directly and with a little bit of vocal force if necessary.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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