Daily Horoscopes for Saturday 6th April 2019

daily horoscope saturday

Daily Horoscope Saturday 6th April 2019

The Sun in Aries makes a mild alignment to Neptune in Pisces today which could tend to assist you in reaching a ‘future perfect state’ or an imaginative realm.

Getting something clearly across might be quite a challenge though as events may have a dreamy quality around them.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: You have a strong focus on yourself right now, although Neptune acts as an attractive allure bringing sensitivity and compassion, This could make things too glamorous for your own good and even be mildly self-deceiving.

Taurus: If you can find a quiet moment to yourself today, you may be granted with a deep spiritual understanding of life and an awareness of other people’s true needs, which will be nice.

Gemini: You become aware of your more wide ranging aspirations, and see the dream you have had for several years come into focus. Is the dream you originally started with still real or has it changed?

Cancer: You’ll start to notice how your compassionate and caring nature for others has played a role in the development of your career.

Leo: You might not often feel particularly religious, but be ready for an event that could give you a deeper and more spiritual insight. On the other hand, that could take the form of a particularly vivid daydream.

Virgo: You might feel an enhancement in your psychic sensitivity today, and even be faced with an event that could lead you into a fantastic journey of some kind; keep an eye on your spending though.

Libra: Can you start to understand now how your partner is truly giving and self sacrificing for you? They really do love you, you know, even if you don’t acknowledge it all the time.

Scorpio: Be aware that you might develop an impractical work attitude today, even though you are likely to be resourceful in the accomplishment of any tasks.

Sagittarius: A love interest might not be as reliable as you hoped today and could lead you towards pondering whether you are on the right track by pursuing them.

Capricorn: Looking around your home might trigger you to release the inner artist: why not let it have free rein and see what you can create today?

Aquarius: Getting out pen and paper and writing down what’s in your imagination could help you overcome recently challenging thought forms.

Pisces: You know you are amazingly resourceful, don’t you? Try not to let the tendency to be wasteful or misuse this valuable skill today.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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