Daily Horoscopes for Monday 1st April 2019

daily horoscope monday

Daily Horoscope Monday 1st April 2019

Mercury the talker has spent several weeks in Pisces, a water element emotional sign.

Today it makes the third of three conjunctions to Neptune the planet that rules Pisces and which is also to do with feeling and imagination.

So you’re likely to think in dreamy and fantastical terms, and a sense of escapism is almost unavoidable.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: This is the perfect day for inner world visions and revelations for you about what goes on behind the scenes. Go with the talk of love but don’t be confused by stray talk that diffuses a situation.

Taurus: You feel it’s time to express your hopes and wishes but it may come out in a way that seems vague and ungrounded; don’t worry be visionary and poetic, it’ll sound real good.

Gemini: When it comes to your public image and professionalism you may have started to notice you have a different way of seeing things, odd or unusual thought processes could be your new direction.

Cancer: A faraway dream leads conversation however you’re distancing yourself by communicating in a way that is evasive or unclear. Romantic talk through another culture helps you.

Leo: You see an overview to perfecting the transformation of yourself; this is connected to relationships but you need to watch out you don’t just see what you want to see.

Virgo: At heart you’re practical but you’re starting to think in idealistic terms about a relationship; keeping flexible options and versatility will make things more inspiring, don’t try to analyze the unknown.

Libra: There’s a task or a work situation that requires clear thinking but you get lost trying to figure things out. That doesn’t stop you becoming a useful helper and finding a health issue interesting.

Scorpio: You enter an innovative creative fantasy that helps you express yourself in a most intuitive way. You’re at your most romantic when writing a message to a loved one.

Sagittarius: Your home and domestic life takes on a more artistic and idealistic outlook; you lose yourself in a world of ideas without actually coming to a clear conclusion- maybe its meant to be like that.

Capricorn: You find when it comes to networking and communicating with people close to you there are some misdirected and confusing threads that gives you a slower reaction time than usual.

Aquarius: Avoid getting confused about values and ownership of something. It is likely to be an item that holds much curiosity, but make sure you’re not being easily suggestible.

Pisces: You are becoming more eloquent and poetic in how you can describe yourself and present yourself to the world. The first impressions you give are as the magician and the visionary.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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