Daily Horoscopes for Monday 15th April 2019

daily horoscope monday

Daily Horoscope Monday 15th April 2019

Venus the planet of love and money is still making a connecting and beneficial influence with planet Pluto, which is all about power.

This deepens your emotions and indicates the potential for a change in relating and resources, toward a positive transformation.

Today’s Sun signs:

Aries: Secret feelings of wanting more control in your career see you potentially doing selfless acts for others; being compassionate will help your profession in ways you’re not aware of yet.

Taurus: You’re emotions are strengthening for a friend or a group; a future plan feels good; you can get the empowerment by learning methods you hadn’t considered before.

Gemini: You’re a position to charm and influence people in your career today; by projecting your feelings about the power of the transformation you’re going through, interesting things can happen.

Cancer: Your feelings to learn and expand into a wider understanding of the world are strengthened by your partner; you have a feeling that some travel could be good for you.

Leo: Your feelings about sharing and unifying are deepening as you start to focus on your work and routines, which are transforming you. Don’t forget diet and health matters in your lifestyle.

Virgo: Your feelings to connect with a significant other see you deepening your desires and the love you wish to change your life around. If you’re already with someone, it’s an inspiring romantic time.

Libra: Your feelings are deepening for the work that you do; you like the people you work with and will even do things you wouldn’t normally do to show how much you’re changing your life.

Scorpio: You feel unconditional love very deeply (especially for any children you have), and even wish to get romantic by saying things that show how much you’re changing your mind.

Sagittarius: Your love for where you live is deepening and it makes more sense to you why you made so many changes to your values, ownership, money and possessions.

Capricorn: You see beautiful and attractive people around you and close by and it deepens the feelings you have to change your whole approach to the world and be more in control.

Aquarius: Even though you’re undergoing a slow transformation of unconscious patterns, you love yourself above all else; so how about treating yourself with something sensual and pleasing, just for you?

Pisces: A compassion, love and feeling of unification see you deepening and gentling intensifying your approach to love matters amongst friends or a group. It’s a perfect time for you to be influential.

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This week’s highlighted dates:

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